The Week Begins....  

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11/14/2005 10:09 pm

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The Week Begins....

Well, it's Monday evening and the first day of the week is almost behind me. Quite a good weekend!

This AdultFriendFinder thing isn't working out all that well. A few inquiries, but nothing received from the inquiries I sent. Me thinks this is another one of those places ruled by the ladies. I wonder if the ratio of women:men isn't about 1:50 (chuckle).

I did watch a webcam today. Bloody great! Delicious 44 year old with an almost perfect pair of breasts. I quite enjoyed viewing her albeit I'm much more the "legs and tush" kinda guy. We may have gotten there ultimately, but I moved on.

Dubyah went off to the Orient today. I can't believe the guy is gonna visit Mongolia. I hope he remembers to say something about the "Golden Horde." I'll bet those Mongolians would like that. He'll probably mention Mongolian barbecues and they'll be totally gobsmacked.

I'm supposed to meet "M" this weekend, but I dunno. Interesting story, she. Must remember to add some details if it works out well.

Off to bed.

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