So, now what? (2)  

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11/12/2005 12:57 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

So, now what? (2)


Loads of food, drink, and plenty of energy amidst the masses of fun-lovers and party-goers. Superb exhibitions of over indulgers, too. Dontcha just love it when the youngsters puke all over themselves?

Was supposed to meet up with "C" and some of her friends, but everyone except C had plans. C is a fabulous person and loves to have fun -- the perfect playmate for an event such as the NB "Wurst Fest"!

The charge you $5 to park in a field. They charge you $8 per for entry. Upon entry they have signs and circulars and greeters espousing their gratitude towards Veteran's, but they don't give any reductions. "Thanks, man, for risking your life. Now give me your money and move along." NB is a PC community!

We rode a ferris wheel, but C was frightened and she didn't wear a dress/skirt, so the ride was only good for observing the teeming masses.

We ate crap (delicious crap it was, too!) and drank loads of beer (I don't like beer). We danced and listened to an assortment of exceptional bands. We sang along to sing-alongs.

Tired, tipsy, and bloated, we made a half-hearted attempt at dancing the Lite Fandango at home later that night, but sleep was much more enticing. Mr Libido crashed hard and slept like the proverbial baby.

Tonight I'll be with "K" who is becoming my best buddy...but we're not doin' the deed. If she finds out I'm on AdultFriendFinder, she'll prolly kill me (chuckle)!

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