Day One - I begin a blog.  

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11/11/2005 10:49 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Day One - I begin a blog.

And I think that was supposed to make my text bold. It doesn't look bold. First action - failure. So far, so good!

I'm a member! Woo Hoo. Gold, no less. I'm sure the ladies will soon be filling my mail box with loads of inquiries. In the meantime I have plans. Tonight I'm sojourning to New Braunfels (PC Correctness Capitol of south, central Texas with MANY other cities and towns in hot pursuit!) where I will struggle with the traffic and the city's ridiculous time constraints on places of entertainment. Who ever heard of bars closing at midnight on a Friday night? I believe the German element in NB must be from Bavaria. Loads of frustrated and control-hungry Catholics live in Bavaria. Some make the contemporary Islamic Fundamentalists look like pikers!

I'm going to see some friends and we're gonna go do the WURST FEST! I did "fests" when I lived in Germany (Munich and Berlin). Great fun, particularly if you're a fan of public drunkeness and excess. Tomorrow night I'm taking another friend to some sort of pagan feast. It's being hosted by two Wiccan friends of mine. I hope we don't have to go "skyclad"...I need to lose a few pounds first. Then again, everyone is beautiful in the dark. Maybe the balefire will go out?

I have a headache. I slept for 13 hours last night...I haven't slept that long in 30 odd years. Too much wine and a cool evening with open windows no doubt had something to do with that. I probably should drink more often in order to become acclimated to these little explosions of decadence that I encounter now and then. This one's name was Rose. YIKES! I found an empty condom wrapper near the bed, so I continue to be squeaky clean and STD-free! I've never had an STD. YIKES!!

Head still hurts. I think I'll lay down a while. Thanks for viewing my blog.

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