the easiest way to find out it's a scam  

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3/19/2006 7:46 am

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the easiest way to find out it's a scam

hello this is the first post i've written here.

OK if you receive an email from someone 1st contact them. I know that goes against tradition, but just listen a little. Yeah you could "check them out first", why? if the are lying, they have either made a name up or are working on a false identity so they have a paper trail to cover the lie. It won't do any good to check them out.

So here is the best way to find out.

1: Contact them and chat. Invariably they will not have a cam, and in this day and age with cams only $20 this should be the first clue bells should ring. first they have sent you a fake pic and if you see them on cam your gonna know it's not who they say the are. remember they aren't stupid, just a crook. No cam probably a scam.

2: Next since most scammers are foreign, (sorry if this offends immigrates but they are), look at the way they write, even some-one who spells poorly if they are american knows the proper grammar syntax of the american English they grew up with. if their grammar is not right then another bell ought to be ringing in your head. I mean even the English use a different style than us so pay real attention to the way they write.

3: The best clue is, and this is important, you never bring up love into the conversation, and they are asking do you love me, believe in love at first site etc. If this doesn't set off your alarm bells you best stay off the net there is no help for you. Sorry, but if you really believe some-one can fall in love with you in the first conversation you have with them, then your head is made out of mush and nothing I can say will help you. This is their most important "hook" they want to play with your head, use whatever they can to separate you from your money.

Now the next question is how to prove they are a scammer. Easy get their address, feed it into Google earth ( a satellite mapping program extreemly good). Lo and behold it will return the address as a store, or school, or something like that. ow this is important because the address usually is real, just not a home. Google earth is the only mapping program I know of that will tell you what the address is if it's a business. Now if it does turn out to be a home, and sometimes it is, just not theirs.

Most of the time they have told you they have lived there all there life. so ask them what high school they went to. here is the key question!!!! they will have no Idea what High school is local to them most of the time. Since they probably never attended school in the states anyways. they will be able to tell you a local college, then when pressed, tell you they just moved there. See you just caught them lying, so you need to go no further. You can be absolutly sure they lied to you, and if they lied once they will keep lying again and again.

I have busted at least 20 scammers with this one question. if they give you a high school name, check it out, most high schools have pictures of graduating classes and alumni, so look for the person there. If you find them then and only then they may be who they seem to be.

well this is all for now I'll be back later to give some more reports, what I want from you is to reply with names, handles and anything you may have on scammers that you have run across. It's our net guys, lets take it back, make it safe to have fun online without them taking advantage of us.

one last word, don't send me a name cause your pissed at your mate, I will check out the scammer before I add it to the list


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3/19/2006 10:54 am

Welcome to the blogs! Great start here!

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