How many women actually use credits to contact men?  

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7/6/2005 8:28 pm

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How many women actually use credits to contact men?

ok, so, I haven't been on here too long, but I've been wondering: Do women, particularly of the ages 18 to 30 contact men? Or do most of you girls wait for guys to buy credits or upgrade memberships so that you don't have to pay?
No biggie if that is what's going on, I just wanted to hear everyone's thoughts on that.
check ya lata for now

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DanSailor7059 52M

7/6/2005 9:42 pm

One thing you have to realize: The men outnumber the women by a ratio of 10:1. The women don't have to do diddly squat. Nada. They can pick and choose. If you want to have a meaningful outcome from your membership in AdultFriendFinder, as a man, you have to front some cash. That's what I've found in my time with this website.

tripled67 49F

7/12/2005 12:40 pm

To tell all you have to do is look at who you are chatting with or interested in and take a look at thier profile see if they are gold, silver or a standard member

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