Pain of aches  

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2/17/2006 4:53 pm

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Pain of aches

Walking phenomena, nothing particularly walking, let alone running about it.

But survival, helps.

I need a new list.

When I was 15 I decided to write a lit of 10 things I wanted to do before I died. (They had to be possible so I excluded dancing across the mountains on the moon and space sex.)

Alas, I finished all but 1 years ago. So I started a new list adding that single item.

Then I finished that one. Then the next. I realized I've gone thru six lists with only the origional still undone.

I need a new list. I've crossed out seeing the Sistine Chapel ceiling, Riding a camel, a riding gondola in Venice, crossing the DMZ in Korea, crossing the Berlin Wall, (that was easy since I crossed where they knocked it down.) Riding in a sub, Scuba diving, climbing a mountain, climbing a mt with no gear but my my owns 2 hands alone. Learning to shoot. Driving a tank. Going around the world. (2 times.) Riding a bull, being in a movie, being in a play, winning a Vegas Poker Tourney, Seeing the Eiffel tower, Crossing a Desert on foot alone, getting within 5 feet of a wild Grizzly, learning to start a fire without equipment, learning to survive a blizzard without equipment, flying a plane, See the US capitol, meeting the president (7 and counting), riding a luge down a race course, driving a race car, inventing something, getting published as an author, saving someone's life (5 and counting), getting a doctorate, see the David statue, reading 10,000 books, visiting at least 40 states, (43 plus Puerto Rico, visiting at least 10 foreign countries, (15 and counting), etc, etc.

- hum I notice a relatively dangerous pattern here... as in thrill seeking perhaps?

My only one left is jumping out of a plane. Alas, I screwed that up. I said jumping out of a plane, not landing safely, an oversight on my part. Since jumping out will accomplish everything I said I wanted to do before I die, which logically leads to ...splat!

So now, what else... need some ideas. We all need legends, dreams and hope. For when legends die, dreams end, and when dreams end hope dies.

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