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Bedtime story

As I promised a special someone a bedtime story, and as I know she expected hot sex... Ta Da! Not...

A Hard Knights Journey into Dawn.

Once upon a time, many years ago was a youth, who was to be Knighted. His father was a wide traveling man, who left this youth in the company of two men to be raised. (Note I don’t say reared, it’s not that kind of tail, but I digress.) (Spelling intentional.)

The men were at odds, one a loyal follower, the other an enemy. The loyal follower taught the kid about weapons, honor, fear of the Church and duty, iron duty.

The enemy was a Saracen, an ill favored of God, he had ben captured in the Holy Land, and agreed to help train the Knights son until his eighteenth birthday, when he would be free of his vow. This man taught him the arts, learning, imagination, poetry, science and the ways of war. The silk of the mind.

At odds the old man would brag how his sword could shatter the end off an anvil. The other would explain how his sword could separate a drifting piece of silk into two.

The youth, alas, was innocent in other certain ways. Yet for a long time William’s heart, ...well ok his loins were lost to a fair maiden. The Duke, his father, away at his estates in the Holy Land was fostering the niece of the King. Dawn was fair, with flashing eyes, freckles across her nose which she detested, and a laugh that could tempt the birds from the trees.

She, had lived with him, often they would sneak away to frolic and play. A nearby lake became their enchanted land, he would slay monsters for her, mostly ignoring her boyish ways. She adored him, but knew he wasn’t interested.

One day after he returned from fostering for four years, accompanied only by his faithful duo, William dared her to join him in a swim.

As she rose laughing, the thin chemise plastered to her body by the water, he also rose. No longer was she the detested follower, but at sixteen, to his seventeen, a flower he wanted to pollinate.

He was as innocent as could be, ignoring the frolics of the animals. She was innocent of the ways of men, by sheer blind luck and the threat of castration from her Royal Uncle.

Disturbed before they could rightly begin what would then have been ...disturbed, so as to speak, they were lead apart. She by her handmaiden, a maid who liked to use her hand, actually both of them and was defiantly not a maiden with her hood, who looked appraisingly at the Young Lords ...Lord hood?

The youth. Lead away by his mentor, the Saracen, who also looked at both the maiden and the handmaiden, one with knowledge, the other with worried appreciation.

The Saracen had been around more than a few blocks, and knew how good her hands really were, but again I digress.

Alas, the boy was smitten. Which was pretty stupid since every woman from fifteen to seventy would have tumbled the well muscled lad in a quince. But he, under the stupid mental training of the old man, also the Weapons’s master, thought he should save it, a quaint but frustrating endeavor. Which also led to a lot of frustrations for the maids who had to keep removing rather large quantities of dried white matter from his sheets every night. The young Knight liked to practice with his lance, yet lacked a certain proficiency in a dual, outside the joust and training grounds that is.

Still, the two of them tried all manner of methods to meet their, well ...meat(s). All were stopped, deterred, avoided, deflected and distracted. Until...

One evening he received a note, left tied to his horses mane.

I am to leave tomorrow to return to my Uncle the King, where he seeks to wed me to further an alliance. Please, I know you detest me, have for years. I saw how embarrassed you were, forced to look upon my ugly body as I arose from the water. I know you cannot love me, but just once I beg you to show me the ways of a woman before I go, forever to my fate. Meet me in the glade, near where the two paths meet. Dawn.

The youth checked the signature twice. Dawn? That perfection of skin, face and ...mostly reveled by wet clothes skin, ugly! She had filled his mind every night even as his lance had filled his hand, sometimes three times a night. Which hurt until he discovered the same cream that softened leather helped his fingers slide up and down until... no, concentrate he told himself, his lust, um, er, his love wanted to see him, and best of all, he would get to perhaps see her! His lance rose, alas, it also now rose anytime he smelled a saddle.

Now, all he had to do was figure out what the hells the ways of a woman were? He was pretty sure it was like the dogs fucking...but who to ask?

That night he stood, shivering in the mist, waiting. It was hard to wait, well, actually it was hard to stay hard waiting, because it was hard to be hard while hardly waiting- a sound.

Like a whisper she moved out of the mist. A long cloak covered her but her blond hair peaked out around the edges.

She jumped in fright as he stepped out, the throwing back her hood she slid against him.

“Lady Dawn, is that you?” He called as a vision moved from the fog, the moon peeking from above.

“Aye William, it is I.”

He swallowed, his mouth dry from the sight. Tonight she seemed different, wilder, and without her usual escort, in other words alone!

Dawn stood in front of him and started to speak, “William, I fear for your safety, I know you soon go to join your father, please promise me you will return safely to your people who care about you!”

William looked into her eyes, his heart throbbed as mercilessly as his virginal manhood.
“Ah um,...ok...” William stuttered. For some reason her breasts, lightly covered in fabric seemed to catch the glow of the moon. He blinked as sweat began running into his eyes, yet his focus remained on her, um, ...attributes.

“William,” she said as she stepped towards him, her dainty hands took his and held them tight against her innocent breast. “Swear you will be careful.” Dawn begged him.

“Um, er, ...I”, William gulped, looking somewhat like a fish recently hooked and presented to the realities of thin air for the first time.

“Swear it!” She pressed William, as she pressed his hands tight against her breasts, trying to meet his wandering eyes.

William glanced around for the horses he heard pounding towards them, without realizing the night was silent, except for the pounding between his ears.

“My Lady, do not fear for me, I go on, um,, that is um...” William, again noticing where his hands were clasped once more seemed to lose his train of thought.

“William, you will think me a poor Lady. Nay, but a pitiful wretch, but still must I confess, I feel strongly for you, I care, strongly for you.” Dawn looked down, acutely aware she was being shameless, wanton before him, but not caring.

William couldn’t concentrate except about how wondrously soft those breasts were. Experimentally he wiggled his fingers, amazed at the subtle movements his fingers caused.

“Nay, don’t fling me away. I am sorry I have offended you my lord, forgive me.” She released his hands, stepped back away from him in shame at his disgust with her.

William meanwhile wiggled his fingers, amazed they seemed to still work. Blinking he looked at her, shook his head and stepped forward, just as she turned. Williams groin pushed up against the Lady Dawn’s posterior. A sudden surge leapt from his groin straight up into his brain, his intelligence seemed to explode, what little there was left. The blood all seemed to rush back down into his groin, as suddenly and for the first time in his life, William appreciated the extra room afforded by a loose cod-piece.

“Oh William”, she sighed, as she moved back against him, determined to have even this slight platonic contact with the man she loved, from afar.

William simply groaned, now the cod piece was much too tight, almost choking him as his breath seemed to thicken, his hands rose to circle those wonderful globes of her breasts, to pull her hard against him.

Part two... The Travails during the Knight, or is that a Lance in your pocket or are you glad to see me.

“Sir William,” she said, as a second before contact she stepped away from him. “I know you could never want me, desire me. I am only a foolish young thing, while you are a powerful man, self-confident, controlled, a knight.”

Unnoticed behind her, William seemed to be grasping the air, both arms flailing in the space she had vacated but a moment ago, his eyes glazed with his first surge of lust and testosterone.

“I am such a fool,” she cried, grief ripping through her soul. She dropped to her knees, her head covered by her arms sobbing. Just as William leapt forward to grab her, tripped and went flying over her.

For a brief moment he was amazed at this new found ability to fly, which was brought to an abrupt end when his head connected with a near-by tree.

“Oh God, what have I done,” cried Lady Dawn, seeing how he tried to flee and blinded by her ugliness had struck a tree. She rose as a pathetic groan rose from the depths of the huddled shape.

Hurrying to him she quickly knelt, failing to notice her knee connecting directly with his groin, which effectively finished the work begun by the tree bark.

“Aiii,” hissed William in a rather pathetic off-key attempt at hitting a high soprano note. All thoughts of lust momentarily forgotten.

Lady Dawn was crushed as she leaned her weight forward to hear what William was saying, only to be pushed forcefully back away from him. Rejected.

She stood, the tears flowing from her eyes. Not noticing the tears also falling from William’s resulting from a slightly different justification.

“Is there no slight interest I can raise in your breast?” She asked looking down at his squirming body and sitting back on her heels.

Breast, breast! William forgot the pain as his mind remembered and registered his recent discovery. He struggled to his knees, his ardor once more rising, among other, ...things.

“I am so ugly, I, ...I don’t deserve these beautiful clothes, my fine life.” With that she stood and began tearing off her clothes. Flinging the cloth all over the clearing. William simply continued to kneel, lost in the moment.

Within minutes, only her shift remained, as she began raising it, she stopped, crying and overcome by his rejection.

William’s breath caught as he watched the shift was being raised, exposing a naked ankle, then calf, then her naked thighs were caught in the moonlight, and the shift paused.

“William, this is foolish, I cannot run-away from my Uncles will can I?”

“Um, right.” William said, entranced, then disappointed as the shift began a decent, covering that amazing flesh again.

“No! I mean no!” William cried, desperate to reverse the direction of the shift’s movement.

“I should leave my father, refuse my Uncles wishes?” Lady Dawn asked, turning towards William, and tugging her shift to her shoulders.

William stared at two legs topped by two white thighs shining in the moonlight, and a dark patch seemingly hinted at under a tiny bit of cloth still covering where those legs met. Never in William’s entire life had anything become more important than seeing under that tiny piece of cloth. Unbeknownst to him, or her due to the shadow cast by the moon at his back, William was drooling.

“Ca, come, ...come here.” William whispered, or croaked to be less sympathetic.

Smiling at his acceptance, Lady Dawn threw her hands high, “Yes she cried, take me, take me now and make me your woman!” she stepped forward and was snatched from the ground as a man leaned forward on his charger sweeping her into his arms, leaped his horse over a log and disappeared from the clearing.

Only a strange peep sounded from the direction of the now vanished Lady Dawn. The sound drifted over the now-almost deserted clearing. That and the grasping motions of William, still on his knees, hands again waving in the air, ...the empty air. Alas, perhaps that pounding had not all been between his ears. Now what to do he thought.

Kidnaped. And worse, upon his return even that event was lessened by the dreadful news. His father had been kidnaped on the road home. Now held by Pirates for ransom. Only William could bring the ransom to free his father.

What to do? Is it worth continuing or not? Humm... comments?

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Oh.. professor is wrong for the first time.. I love it..

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