An altered reality of a bio...mine.  

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7/7/2005 1:21 pm

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An altered reality of a bio...mine.

A little bit about me, hum...well now some of my past experiences include rogue, world traveler, writer, body guard, river boat gambler, mountain man, cynic, explorer, psychic, masseuse, crack shot, Zen master and poet, lawyer, druid, entertainer, former construction worker, amateur anthropologist, masseuse, teller of tall tales, double agent (retired), teacher, trainer, actor and occasionally a therapist, my various experiences include, virgins converted, wars fought, revolutions started, governments run, revenge wreaked, bars emptied, Tantric taught, football games fixed, bridges destroyed, tigers tamed, mountain’s crossed, orgies organized, dragons slain, parties crashed, lessons taught and learned, procrastination promulgated and dinosaurs neutered. I am 49, generally not afraid of a dangling participle, 5' 11, wide shoulders, a short beard with a touch of gray, brown eyes with green flecks, an Irish tongue, a Viking’s outlook on life, German pragmatism, a Scotsman’s love of kilts and the devil’s own glint in my eye. I am endlessly fascinated by people, the study, technique and experience of humor. I try never to take myself too seriously and am living proof that if you throw enough information at a blank wall something is bound to stick. I am definitely and defiantly an optimist.


8/8/2005 8:50 pm

oOo, can't wait to hear more *wink*

Sassafrasfine 47F

11/19/2005 9:00 pm

Wow. a man after my own...tart.

I'd like to exchange some poetry sometime. I'm a little shy about blogging it on my own. But you, you are inspiring. So there are some true Renaissance men out there, somewhere.

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