Whom, El or BJ  

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8/29/2006 4:22 pm

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Whom, El or BJ

All day long I wanted to post something, but couldn't decide if it should be about El or BJ.
I've posted about both of them before, but tonight I think I'll pass on BJ and share a story about El and a BJ.

El and I were nearing the end of our relationship, I wasn't aware of the inevitable, but she was. It was a Thursday night, the day after she spent the night at a local billards establishment in Warwick/Cranston. (Not sure where the dividing line is, but it is near the Warwick Mall)
On Wednesday nights she would always go to the billards hall and she always made sure that I knew that she did not want me to show up there. I respected her wishes and never even drove over to the west bay area on Wednesday nights.
On a Thursday afternoon she called me and asked if she could come over to my condo early in the evening to see me.
Around eight in the evening she showed up. I met her at the door and we gave each other a big kiss and a strong hug. She took me by the hand and immediately took me up to my bedroon and told me to lay down on the bed.
With her beautiful smile she looked at me and told me to just relax. She undid my pants, pulled them off, then reached for my boxers and pulled them down quicker than I could blink an eye.
Without removing a stitch of her clothing she knelt between my legs and started to suck me like a woman with a mission. I laid there enjoying it, but also wonderedg what was happening.
I came, she swallowed, she kept me in her mouth gently sucking whatever I had left in me.
She then stood up, said that she had to go, and told me that she just had to suck me that night and that she would let herself out.
I laid there for a long time wondering about what had just happened. Not that I didn't enjoy it, but a single kiss afterwards would have been nice.

I often wonder if that was was last time she gave head that night. I wonder if it was her way of making her feel good about not spending time with me that night. I wonder if it was her way of making it OK that she was about to do whatever she did that night.
Without an answer from her I guess I will never know.
Shortly thereafter we stopped seeing each other.

It is in the past, but she is still in my mind every single day.

After reading different blogs on AdultFriendFinder I realize that forever remembering someone who dearly affected you is normal. No matter how hurt you are the memory should still make you smile.

Soon...BJ (her initials) the pretty dress she was wearing, and the desk will be posted.

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