The first gulp  

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6/20/2006 5:38 pm

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The first gulp

Growing up in the 60's and going to college in the early 70's was a strange place to be. It was right after the sexual revolution and before the next sexual revolution. Add to that, growing up as a Roman Catholic, sex was not something that you did or talk about.
But we did. Some of us actually acted out the stories, some of us didn't.
Sure, you and a girl "felt" each other up. Sometimes you would get a hand job, or if you were with a really loose girl she would suck you off.
Most of the girls that I was with would have intercourse and, eventually, oral sex with you. But none of them would swallow.
(Now I know that there is much discussion regarding swallowing, it is not important to me if she likes it or doesn't like it, and it is not important to me if she does or doesn't. I am with a person, not a throat.)
But this is a true story about the first woman to take a gulp from me.

She invited me to have lunch with her in her van. She was married and so was I. I was 23 and she was 22. We sat, had our lunch, and then she said that she wanted to show me the back of her van. Back then everyone wanted a van that had been tailored made for them.
We sat in the back, on a padded bench, and talked for a while. She told me that when she was younger the guys would come over to her house and wrestle with her. She didn't realize it untill later that they were actually trying to touch her breasts and pussy. That was when she realized that she possessed something that every guy wanted, or at least the majority of guys.
She told me that eventually she became interested in guys and wanted to experience what they had. She learned how to jerk off and blow guys early in her teens, most of the time with her brother's friends in the back yard.
She then got down on her knees and started to undo my pants. She then pulled my cock out and sucked me like I have only dreampt about. As she continued I thought about all the other women who would do that but did not want me to cum in their mouth. So I warned her when I was cumming.
Much to my surprise, and much to my enjoyment, she kept on sucking and swallowed everything I could give her.
That was the first time that a woman swallowed my cum and actually enjoyed it.
After that experience we continued to have some fun times together.
Her, and mine, first attempt at anal sex took place at, of all places, Provincetown Massachusettes.
When in Greece....
Somehow we couldn't do it. I think the lack of experience combined with concern of her pain caused us to stop.
The most erotic experience is when we went to a mall and she tried on shoes. The fun part was that she was not wearing any panties and tried to expose herself to the guy fitting her shoes.
Nothing happened, but the thought of her exposing herself turned both of us on.
When we had sex later that night it was the first time that I actually left my body and had an experience that is beyond words.
She is now remarried with kids. She also told me that she couldn't get married again untill she experienced a total of 35 men.
If she was true to her word, there are at least 35 of us out there who have memories that are hard to erase.
Miss her, but I hope she is as happy as can be.

sexyariesgirl 57F

6/21/2006 10:13 am

Mmmmmmmmm.....I really liked this story!

Power To FOK

PappiMoresGable replies on 6/21/2006 2:29 pm:
Thanks Sexy, all of the stories are true and there are a few more that I want to share. I guess I have been pretty fortunate.

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