Rollerblading and a shower  

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6/13/2006 4:54 am

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Rollerblading and a shower

First of all, all of my stories are true. I am not creative enough to make things up, and when I do make things up I feel as if I am lying. I am a terrible liar; therefore I am terrible in making things up. I can be creative in other areas though.
About 10 years ago a woman, whom I will call Jean, worked at the same company as I did, but she worked in a different department. We were cordial to each other and over the years developed a friendship. One day she found out that I lived very close to the bike path that goes from Bristol to Providence, about 13 miles. She also found out that I love to rollerblade (or inline skating) and she asked me if she could come over and do a few miles with me.
So the next Saturday she came over, we strapped on the blades, and off we went. It was a beautiful sun filled day and we both worked up a nice sweat. When we finished we went back to my condo for something to eat and a few drinks. After we ate she apologized for being so sweaty and she hoped that she wasn’t offending me.
I told her that I was concerned about the same thing and that if she wanted to she could take a quick shower. She agreed, so we went upstairs to the spare bedroom which had one of those showers that five or six people could get into. I got her a towel and started the water for her. Before the water reached a nice temperature she had her cloths off and asked me to join her. So…of course I did.
She is a rather tall woman with a very nice figure. I was 43 and she was 49, but she looked and acted a lot younger. So into the shower we went, out came the soap, and we proceeded to lather each other up. Her breasts were very firm, firmer than most. That is when she told me that they contained some silicon. Whoever worked on her did one hell of a job. I am a legs man and the size of a woman’s breast is secondary to her other assets. A few of the women I have been with have had “enhancements” performed on them. If they feel better about themselves and feel sexier, then I am all for that.
Needless to say, she kept her hand on my cock and didn’t seem to want to let it go.
After we rinsed off I knelt down and started to lick her lower lips. She was not trimmed and the warm water flowing over her breast down to her pussy made the experience very sensual. She has a rather large clit that actually sticks out far enough that when she is excited it is visible through her hair,
She then pulled me up and we started to kiss. Because of her height I was able to insert myself without any problem. As I moved in and out of her we kept on kissing. She started to moan and had a small but enjoyable orgasm.
I then turned her around and she grabbed onto the towel rack, I stood behind her and wanted to take her from behind. She bent over as I moved my cock up and down her slit.
She moved her hips, pushed back while I was still holding my cock, and before I knew it not only was I taking her from behind, I was taking her in her behind.
It felt so great and I started to thrust. She took the soap bar, lathered up her pussy, and started to rub herself very fast and hard. There we were, one of her hands holding onto the towel rack and the other one moving up and down very fast. I was inside her ass with one hand on her hips and the other one holding onto one of her breast. What a sight! I didn’t want to cum while she was pleasing herself, so I just kept myself still but made sure that I was as far as I could be inside her.
This went on for a while, then her back straightened out, her head came back, she yelled that she was ready to cum (as if I needed any warning) and told me to start thrusting as hard as I could.
We both came at the same time. We dried off and laid down on the bed to rest. We talked, she got dressed and went back home.
This was not the last time we spent together. I’ll save some of the other experiences for future posts.
At work she treated me as she always did, but every once in a while she would ask me if I was busy that night or the next morning.
Talk about friends with benefits.

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
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6/13/2006 6:08 am

WOW that is hot!

Purry {=}


PappiMoresGable replies on 6/13/2006 7:56 am:
Yes, it was very hot, and I do not mean the water or the sunshine. When I need to stimulate myself this event works for me everytime.

rodders101 53M
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6/15/2006 4:58 am

Lucky bastard, I have to settle again for my hand, at least it still loves me in the morning and doesn't want to take half the house away.

PappiMoresGable replies on 6/15/2006 5:56 am:
I've had times where my best friend is my hand. Sometimes I felt like sending flowers to my right hand.

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