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6/8/2006 4:45 am

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Lunch with Mag

Today I am having lunch with my long time friend Mag. She and her accountant want to talk to me about some operational problems they are having at their place of work. They need some direction and hopefully I can help out. It may even lead to a new position for me if this one does not pan out.
Mag is the girl that I have had a long and sensual relationship with. The first time we made love was in 1983, the last time was about a year ago. As I have mentioned in other posts, the time between our encounters can be weeks or years, depending on our respective lives.
The first time with someone is always a memorable time. We had pizza and drinks, then we went to my small apartment. We kissed, cuddled, and eventually made it up to the bedroom. We both wanted to go straight to the bed, but neither of us wanted to be too forward.
Anyway, I started to undress her as she laid on the bed, and she started to undress me. There we laid, her with her panties on and me with my boxers on. Then the time came, I slowly moved my hand down and inside of her panties.
Boy was I surprised, she didn't have any hair on her pussy. Now my interest really peaked. She asked me if I liked it bare. To tell you the truth it was the first time that I ever saw a shaved pussy. I fell in love with her right there.
I quickly proceeded to become more familiar with my new found interest, and she tasted so sweet. She has rather large and full lips that when you suck on them they touch the back of your mouth.
After an enjoyable time she came, and I was proud of myself, then she got on top of me and had another orgasm.
Then it was my turn to cum. It felt so good, I came on her belly, a place that would be the resting place for my cum in years to come.
We have repeated our lovemaking at least 20 times since that day. Sometimes she has hair on her pussy, and sometimes she doesn't. The important part is that she is she.
Lunch will be business like today, I prefer monkey business. More on Mag in future posts. She has done some wonderfull things to me that you may want to hear about.

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6/9/2006 6:03 pm

Yes......what playrigal said! I totally agree....

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