Flash Dance...I remember  

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7/19/2006 2:25 pm

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Flash Dance...I remember

Last night after I got home I poured myself a glass of red wine, sat on the bed and turned the television on. I was alone and just wanted to chill out for an hour or so. I flipped through the channels and on one of the movie channels Flash Dance was playing. After all these years I still think that this movie is one of the most sensual movies ever made. Jennifer Beals is cute, the story is rather basic, but her body language during the movie (whether it is her or the stand in)tells alot about romance and attraction.
I think the main reason why I find the movie so sensual is that when the movie came out I was dating a woman who resembled Jennifer. Same hair, same eyes, and the same figure.
She was the first woman who actually gave me an out of body experience as we were having sex.
We were at her place, we had dinner, and started to "make out" on her couch. It was summer and still light out. As we got more involved we slowly removed each other clothes and ended up on the living room floor just outside of the kitchen.
I don't think our lips left each other's lips as we undressed each other and as we rolled across the floor.
There was not oral sex this time, like we usually did before intercourse. No words were spoken. We kept our chests pinned together feeling each other's heart with our own.
I entered her, but I didn't remember when it happened. I kept myself as far as I could inside her and I don't really remember thrusting myself into her, but I am sure that I was. My right hand was softly grabbing her left hip. Her legs were just outside of mine, knees slightly bent. Her right arm was around my neck and her left arm was on my back.
Things became fuzzy. A strange feeling was taking over my mind. I knew I was with her, but I didn't feel as if I was there.
I then saw us laying on the floor. It was as if I was standing on the couch, where it all started, and I had a birds eye view of us together. She looked so beautiful.
This image has been imprinted in my mind.
We both came, our breathing almost stopped, and I laid down next to her. Both of us laid there on the floor, on our backs, and stared at the ceiling.
We never talked about it, sometimes something is soon unbelievable that it is hard to even speak about it.
This same intensity has happened again with two other women.
After 25 years I hope that she still remembers what happened as well as I do. I guess I will never know if she felt the same way. She joined the military six months later, married someone from out of state, and the last I heard she was back in RI somewhere in the north west part of the state.

I think it happens when you are so comfortable with the person you are with that all concerns disappear and your mind is free to enjoy.

Has this happened to you?

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