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8/8/2006 5:34 pm

I arrived at LAX, picked up my bags and headed out towards the parking area. She said that she would meet me right near the exit. I waited for her. It was a busy time of the evening. It seems that every time I land in a major city everyone else is arriving at the same time.
I stood there, then for no real reason I looked to my left. There she was, running up to me with a broad smile and her hair being pushed away from her face by the wind she was creating.
We hugged, kissed, and headed to the car.
It was late, so we headed to her hotel room in Huntington Beach. She was on the west coast to sell some jewelry to local privately owned boutique stores. I was there to see her and get away from Rhode Island for a few days.
When we got to her room she shredded her clothes and sat on the side of the bed. I quickly took off my clothes and walked over to her. This is El, the one I blogged about before.
She automatically took my cock in her mouth and started to suck. She was, and hopefully is still, the best in giving head.
After a few minutes she looked up to me and then looked over at the mini-bar on the other side of the room. She smiled, stood up, grabbed my cock, and walked me over to the mini-bar.
She turned around and sat on top of the mini-bar, spread her legs, pulled her knees up to her chest, and told me that she wanted to see me enter her. So I did. It was beautiful. Her smile was gleaming. Her small but firm breasts were staring at me. Her knees were near my shoulders and her firm pussy lips were glistening. My cock as hard as it could be and all these sights were in front of both of us.
She then wanted to cum, so we went back to the bed. She lay on her back and I proceeded to pump her as hard as I could. I then grabbed the back of her neck and moved her body in tandem with my thrusts. I didn’t really know if this would help, but it did.
As I moved her body up and down with my hand behind her neck she moved her hips up and down with each thrust. She came like I never saw before.
Both of us were happy.
She told me to cum, and to cum in her mouth. So I pumped her pussy, pulled out, and moved up to her mouth. She pumped me with her hand and smiled as she knew that she was working her magic. I started to cum. Quickly she placed her lips ever so gently over the tip of my cock and stroked me harder. In no time I was sated, she was happy, we both had another glass of wine and held each other.
The next morning she took a shower. I took one after her and walked out to the bedroom area where the sink was. I started to shave but she had something else in her mind.
Completely nude she squatted down and started to give me head. I didn’t know what to do but to watch her. I could see all of her. To me there is something very special about a woman squatting down, spreading her legs, and letting herself be exposed.
She sucked as hard as she could. When I came she stood up, gave me a big wet kiss, and said that it was time to get to work.
We then spent the rest of the day visiting her customers.

California is really nice.

For the women, do you ever squat down and let your man, or your woman, just look at you?

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