The one time I broke the golden rule. Namely: Don't fuck the models.  

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6/15/2005 7:53 pm

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The one time I broke the golden rule. Namely: Don't fuck the models.

<<<< From my portfolio.

First and foremost, this story happened last fall, months and months before I re-discovered A.F.F.

She and I were acquaintances/budding friends. I still remember when she walked into the darkroom to talk to me about the pix that she wanted to take. I’m pretty sure that moment was when I developed a heart murmur. There is not other word. She was stunning. I can still remember: She wore a brightly colored tank/tube top that was basically just a bunch of 2 inch horizontal strips of colored fabric sewn together. Her bellybutton peeked out at me from underneath on a tanned tummy. Her jeans were tight, flared, and frayed with slits at the bottom. She wore hemp open-toed sandals with a 3 inch solid heel that looked like hemp as well.

She moved like a cat. Very lithe. Very light on her feet. She exuded confidence. It dripped from her like honey. And while she knew how hot she was, she wasn’t snobby about it. She didn’t look down her nose at you for looking, just accepted that you were going to.

We chit-chatted about what she wanted to do. She wanted to get into Playboy. Well you can imagine how pleased I was at the opportunity to see her naked. After that initial cock-twitch though, my more practical side kicked in: Hmm. Playboy. Tough to do by any standard. True, she had floored me when she walked in, but a lot of sins can be covered up with clothes. Not so when nude.

Prophetically, it turned out she had some problems that she was indeed covering up. She bought some prints of this and that, and we went our separate ways - for a while.

Here and there we would talk, then finally last fall we decide to do some more pix. At this point, I’m no longer attached. I was during our previous encounter.

The shoot is at her house, and lo and behold SHE is unattached now as well! Holy shit! We end up hanging out together for a few hours before the shoot. During that time we’re drinking beer after beer and my inhibition level is going way down. We start talking about models and photographers. She starts talking about how I should make a model feel sexy, but not like she’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. Create some sexual tension.

At this point I’m a little past tipsy and horny as hell! I thought she was attractive before. Now that we’re both available (and she’s even had some of the earlier problems fixed) I’ve been lusting after this woman since I arrived! I tell her that I’ve been wanting to do this, slide over to her, pull her to me and plant my lips on her luscious mouth.

Her arms come around me and she responds as if saying “what took you so long?” As we’re kissing and nibbling on each other there on the couch, I pull the spaghetti straps of her black top down over her arms to free her soft tanned breasts. My arms pull tighter in the small of her back as I gorge myself on her wonderful melons.


Shit! We forgot about the guy from the Mercedes dealership that was coming over with some paperwork for her to sign ~ AND SHE HAS A GLASS FRONT DOOR!

(to be continued)

CuriousBi45 57M
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6/16/2005 7:03 am

Hey man,

Don't wait too long to continue that story. You got me very interested. Don't forget to add some pictures of her...

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