Sex at the Beach - Part Two  

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Sex at the Beach - Part Two

Sex at the Beach left us with:

“Well, if you hadn’t run off, I could have used some help….” Tom began to say as he rounded the corner with a bag that had clearly just had massive zipper failure.

“Can you hurry up and help me with this?” I asked pointing at the gleaming pussy pointed at him as Kat let out another moan.

“S-Sorry, my zipper broke.” he said as the forgotten handle slipped from his hand causing the contents of the bag to spill out.

“Kat,” I said releasing her wrists “help Tom with his zipper will you?”

[to be continued] - which we will do now

Sex at the Beach - Part Two

Kat, of course, ignored the bag on the ground and went straight for Tom’s crotch like a lioness pouncing on a slow water buffalo. I dare say that Tom let out a sound similar to a downed beast in reaction. However, there were noises from the stairwell indicating that a family was coming up the stairs.

Kat sprang back from Tom, and began smoothing her dress as a rather sun-burnt family of six was hobbling up the stairs with a load of beach stuff - folding chairs, towels, bags of lotions, cheap souvenirs, and the like. They were obviously tourists, but apparently they didn’t feel like paying the exorbitant summer prices of the beach-side hotels. Otherwise they would be in an elevator across the street, rather than a concrete parking garage used mostly by the locals.

Tom was a bright shade of crimson that had nothing to do with the effects of the sun. Kat, though, had nothing but a faint smirk on her face to indicate that she’d been doing anything other than brushing a bit of garage grime off of her skirt. She did wink at the father when he sneaked a second peek at her from the next landing up.

“Um..” Tom began as the laughing of the family bounced off of the smoked plexiglass panels in the “windows” of the stairwell.

I barely had time to catch the evil glint in Kat’s eye before she was re-attacking the front of Tom’s pants.

“Public areas.” I said to Tom as he gave me an incredulous look. “They drive her crazy. Almost as much as the thought of two men at once.” I didn’t think that Tom’s shade of crimson could have deepened until it did when I said this.

In the mean time, Kat had won the battle with his belt and zipper letting out a self-satisfied sigh as Tom’s cock sprang into view. It was as red as his face, but indicating a rather different emotion -- one which my wife was more than sharing at this point.

She wasted no time licking the pre-cum off the engorged head. She pushed his pants and briefs down and out of the way to reveal a rather impressive shaft, which she licked greedily down to his balls. She was stroking his length with a spit-slicked hand, when I again flipped her white dress over to reveal her heart-shaped hips and ass.

I never could figure out why she complained about them, calling them “breeder’s hips,” as if this was a bad thing. I was about to position myself to get a taste of what was smelling delicious when a beach ball came bouncing down the stairs from above us.

This had hardly registered when a gasp was heard from the landing above us. There, rooted to the spot as if his feet were set in the concrete of the landing on orders from a mafia boss, was the father from the family that had just gone upstairs.

Tom immediately tried to extract himself from my wife’s hungry mouth. Kat, in her lust, hadn’t noticed anything until the man had gasped. When she saw who it was, she merely cooed and gobbled the whole of Tom’s impressive dick into her mouth and down her throat.

“Come get your ball, before your wife comes after you to see what’s keeping you.” I said. “Hurry up, damn it!” I said trying to keep my voice low so the echo wouldn’t carry. The man didn’t budge.

All that could be heard was a soft slurping noise from Kat. Tom looked as if he was trying to make a sound, but physically couldn’t. It looked like his eyes were about to roll up into the back of his head too.

“Oh for fuck’s sake.” I hissed, and made for the brightly striped ball.

“NO!” came the urgent cry from the landing. “I mean, I’ll get it,” said the man quickly as he finally descended the stairs.

“Well hurry up!” I said, resuming my position behind Kat.

He scrambled down the stairs with his eyes locked on Kat’s greedy mouth. Kat was staring right back at him while her little hand was stroking Tom’s massive dick, and her tongue was dancing all over the shaft and balls.

“Um… S-Sorry to interrupt…” said the man, looking anything but sorry. If anything, he looked sorry that he couldn’t join in. Kat snapped her teeth at him when he came close to her to pick up the ball. He jumped back so hard that I thought he would fall through the smoked plexiglass behind him despite its thickness and firm seating in concrete.
“Well, go on then!” I said while touching the warm, slick wetness of my wife, “You’re taken, and have kids and a wife waiting on you. None of which we want coming down those stairs just now!”

As if on cue, a woman’s voice came wafting down the stairs from what sounded like several floors up.

“Henry! Hurry up, please. The kids are starting to get restless, and we still have a long drive ahead of us!” it said in a sickly-sweet voice that had a much greater effect on Henry than any of my much harsher admonishments. He sprinted up the stairs, lingering on the landing for only a few seconds more before we heard his feet pounding on the stairs directly above us.

Kat simply plopped Tom’s fat cock back in mouth and, grabbing his ass with her spit-slicked hand, shoved it all the way into her sucking mouth. Meanwhile, I had released my own tool and was guiding it into her drenched pussy. It easily slid in all the way, causing me to moan, and her to push back hard against me.

Kat was wild with pleasure! She’d been hinting at wanting Tom all day. I knew she liked the thought of two men at once, and Tom was an old friend that was newly single again. Her pussy was so wet with excitement that it was making the sloppy sucking noises that were usually only heard after she had experienced a mind-shattering orgasm.

Actually, considering that she had a throat full of cock for most of this, she could have had one already and I wouldn’t have known ‘cause she wouldn’t have been able to issue her usual screams of pleasure. She certainly was wet enough to have had one!

I looked up at Tom, and saw his look of glazed bliss change as his eyes seemed to want to come out of his head. He was looking out of the smoked plexiglass, and I guessed what was coming. Hurriedly, I stood up and flopped my soggy cock back into my pants just as the unmistakable sounds of another happy band of tourists drifted up from the bottom of the stairwell.

[to be continued]

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hmmm...getting better and better.

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thank you. ooohh cool one! the redneck

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Glad you folks are enjoying... more to come

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