Detective Noire - Page Two  

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Detective Noire - Page Two

Detective Noire
- Page Two

Note before continuing: For those of you not familiar with the genre this is SUPPOSED to be cheesy! LOL

(Think “Sin City.”

[Continued from Detective Noire - Page one]

“Well John, I expected you to use your gun, but I certainly didn’t expect it to be the metallic one.”

The gun clattered to the desktop and I fished around for my Maker’s Mark while the lamp swathed my secretary’s naked breasts in the most wonderful light I’ve ever seen.

“Uh, Nadia... What are you doing?”

“You don’t like?” she pouted without meaning it, “I thought after all of these years we at least deserved something interesting. Don’t you think?” She glided towards me.

“Absolutely.” I replied then swallowed the rest of the glass’s contents. “You’ve just caught me a little off-guard”

A LITTLE OFF-GUARD!!! I was having a freaking heart attack! Nadia Pulstov had been my secretary for five years. She was neat, polite, efficient, and colder than the iceberg that sunk the Titanic! Where on earth did she learn to slink like that? She never swayed like that before. It was as if the stick I had always envisioned up her ass had really been a syringe full of sexy and somebody had finally given her the shot! As I braced myself on the desk to keep from falling over, she leaned into me.

“Why don’t I get you a fresh one of these, darling?” she said. Her voice was throaty like Demi Moore in a wet dream. She smelled clean and sweet. While she oozed over to the other side of the room, I began to shake off the shock and get my bearings.

“What are you doing?”I asked again.

“I’m getting you a drink. Maker’s Mark, yes?”

“No.” I said, “I mean, yes. Yes, I’m drinking Maker’s Mark.” I was beginning to think that I’d had a few more than I’d thought, “The question is: Why are you in my office, after hours, getting it for me in a fur coat?”

“Because latex is too messy.” she said.

Even though the way she said it made my knees go weak, I was beginning to want my .45 back. Because as much as I wanted this to be a teen-aged fantasy come true, it was just too weird. Something was wrong. Especially given the timing.

“I’m serious, Nadia. What’s going on here?” I said, actually moving my hand closer to the weapon. She had been on her way back with the drink and the change in her demeanor
was a thing to behold. As she lurched forward, I snatched the pistol out of reflex.

She tumbled hard against the floor and the drink splashed wasted on the unpadded rug while the tumbler made a lazy circle. Her coat had flopped open during the fall, but she quickly snatched it closed. The glipse of the naked body under that fur was enough to make a good man write bad checks.

She was scrambling to get up, all the while muttering. “Oh my God. Oh God. How could I have thought... Oh my God!”

Suddenly she grabbed me.

“Please don’t fire me Mr. Maples. It was a mistake. I must have gotten the note by mistake. I’m sorry. Please don’t fire me. I’ll get out of here before she knows anything. I didn’t mean...”

“What note?”

“OH GOD!” she yelped and babbled afresh while I attempted to help her get up from between the couch and the coffee table. “You didn’t have a note sent to anyone?”

“What note?” I repeated.

She paused and visibly gathered herself. Pulling the coat tightly around a body I will never look at the same way again, she began to frost up and become the Nadia I knew.

“I received a note.” She said succinctly.

“Or I thought I did. Today. Briefly stated; it said that the sender knew of the intended recipient’s feelings, and reciprocated said feelings....”

“You have feelings for me?” I said taking a step back.

Her eyes softened from their mechanical stare for a beat. They looked both pained and hopeful at the same time. Then she finished, “.... and to meet him in his office tonight so they could pursue said feelings further.

I thought that the note was from you and for me.“

I stood there in stunned silence. She had never even so much as hinted. Fact of the matter was, I had thought she hated me! Right at that moment a familiar look returned to her face.

[to be continued]

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