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ProFotoFreak 45M
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9/4/2005 1:18 pm

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Coming soon to a blog near you!

Coming soon to a blog near you: Stories of Jade

I've had several ideas bouncing around in my head for storylines. I think I’ve latched onto one that will be interesting for you all, and will be therapeutic for me to write. It’s about a character named Jade, and the first installment will be posted soon. (I’m working on the first outline now)

Don’t ask!

If the therapeutic comment raised some eyebrows, let me address something that has needed more and more addressing recently:

I am single. I do NOT want a relationship. Friends and somewhat-more-than-friends are all I care to find. I am quite happy with that arrangement.

I have been pelted by various people in chat rooms, email and real life about not wanting a relationship. “Why?” they all wonder out loud to me. That is probably a very good question to those that aren’t privy to what is inside my noodle.

Suffice it to say that I have my reasons. Those reasons are extremely private. There are a few here that know, and - to my knowledge - don’t fault me a whit for my decision. Maybe someday you too will know, and should that be the case, count yourself a very good friend of mine indeed.

In closing:

I hope you will enjoy Stories of Jade. I will work on a few story outlines before posting anything, so there is still a bit of waiting to be done on your part. Sorry about that. Hopefully it will be worth the suspense. Until then, I hope you all have fabulous days and even better nights!


(P.S. I will probably create a graphic that will let you know which blog posts go with which stories/characters.)

lifeisablast333 54M

9/4/2005 4:04 pm

Cool let the Jade stories begin. and as for a relationship, thats
your call dude, there have been times in my life, that I did not
want to be envolved. So, I here ya. And a whole lot of people that
are in a relationship, should get out of it. Bad relationship just
suck ass.................the Redneck..............................

ProFotoFreak 45M

9/5/2005 7:32 pm


I've many a time wished that we could have met before I left Oklahoma. You and the Sex Goddess sound like really fun people. Alas, we are now relegated to cyberspace unless I make a trip back. Be well my friend!

ProFotoFreak 45M

9/15/2005 4:47 pm

Katey: Right back atcha

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