Birthday? What birthday?  

ProFotoFreak 45M
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6/9/2005 8:59 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Birthday? What birthday?

Bella's birthday reminded me that yet another year has disappeared.

I'll be 34 on July 2nd. My sister was born on St. Patrick's Day. My brother was born on Memorial Day. I missed my holiday by 2 days damn it! Guess I was impatient from birth. LOL

A lot has changed for me this past year. I had two daughters, and a wife forceably ripped from me. I even lost my dog. I'm not whining about it. I've already gone through a depression I didn't know I would recover from. I've done the crying. I've done the screaming. I've done the empty, shelled-out sitting quietly hoping life would just end. I made it through that. I've lived to see another birthday on the horizon.

Now that I have that yearly marking-post looming in the distance, I wonder "What will I do now."

I've always been a workaholic trying to better myself to make life better for my family. I've raised kids (as far as I was allowed to). Now I don't have that. It's just me. Now what?

I will probably be in Norfolk, VA, when my actual birthday rolls around. I've never been there and, although I've briefly spoken to a few people from there, I have no established friends there.

Folks, I don't want to sit in a hotel room drinking beer by myself on my birthday. I need some inspiration. Help?

rm_bella_ 47F
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6/9/2005 9:07 pm

Pro...I had no idea. Another year disappeared, a lot of disappointments but yet the main thing is that we are here and we have our health. We have the opportunity to do whatever it is we want. Many don't. So even though life may not be perfect, we are getting older and we don't have all we want or even what we had a year ago...lets look upon the new year with hope and optimism that better things are to come. Pre Happy Birthday bello

rm_BigDnLady 43M/41F
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6/9/2005 9:33 pm

Hey Foto, I know we keep missing each other online, but I thought that we were friends, are you dissing me???? Well, there is another one sided love affair!!! LOL!!!


hotandhorny107 58F

6/9/2005 9:45 pm

Sounds about as bad as what my(ex) did to me. Just decided he did not want to be married anymore and left. Period. I have not seen or heard from him since. I still have no clue as to why he did that and probably will never find out either. It took me quite a while to come to terms with it and figure out for myself that this had nothing to do with me. We had never fought, some minor disagreements now and then but never a fight. I thought everything was going well, except in the bedroom. He stopped sleeping with me and gave me some lame excuse as to why. As it turned out I have my suspicion that he was confused about his sexuality and what he wanted. The old the wife is the last to know type of thing.

Anyway, to my point of this is that it does get better and who knows who may see your blog and offer to celebrate your birthday with you. Or scan the site for someone in the Norfolk area and try to hook up. You never know what could happen.....

Happy Birthday in advance,

ProFotoFreak 45M

6/13/2005 10:12 pm

Bella: Thank you for the kind words. Yes it has been a tough year, but the really, really hard part was last summer. I'm better now, if not completely well. I guess what I was asking for was inpiration to start the new year off a little better. Like you said "with hope and optimism." I guess I'm looking for an activity, a halmark, a launching pad of sorts to get me on that road. I was asking for a muse to inspire me.

Lady: We do keep missing each other, and I apologize if I've been neglecting you. I'm coming back up there, only this time it's for much longer. Things are a little hectic, but if you'll bear with me, I'll make it worth your while.

HotAndHorny: Thank you for sharing what must have been a very painful experience. My wife and kids left rather suddenly too, although we held out hope for a little while. It wasn't a divorce, but the pain was still very real. Fortunately I'm better now, and the kitchen cutlery is back on the counter. LOL Hope things are better for you soon too.

Be well

rm_bonfireguy 49M

6/16/2005 4:20 am

When I graduated from HS eons ago, my best friend's mom gave me a card that I still (somewhere) have to this day..."When life gives you the lemons...>open cover<...make whiskey sours!"

I think you're taking things in stride...I had to reach down and take this advise a few few years ago...

One of my pals was getting married over a holiday weekend...he was traveling thousands of miles to come home and marry his soulmate in our hometown. Two days before the wedding, I got shipped out to Buffalo NY for a series of unexpected client meetings.

I was all alone in friends there...never had been there before...heard it was a dieing city...and was missing my friends wedding...this wasn't looking very good...a real downer!!!

So I had the choice to sit in my hotel and pout or to do something about it...

I had never seen Niagra Falls...I now have.

I took the jet boats down the river...what a riot.

I visited the DT district...Buffalo wakes up about 2 am!!! and the bars stay open to 5 am

I went across the border and checked out the casino's and the Canadien Ballet...

I had a blast and made the best of a tough situation!!

So go out and discover Norfolk, my friend...with almost 2 million people, I am sure there are plenty of new friends awaiting and fun things to discover...

About Norfolk:

A strategic location at the broad mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, and an extensive deep-water harbor made colonial NORFOLK the main American trading port, and in the mid-eighteenth century it was the largest city in Virginia. After being burned by the British in 1775, and suffering naval bombardments during the Civil War, Norfolk never regained much character, and despite recent efforts to redevelop its waterfront, the modern city is little more than a supply depot for the vast naval shipyards. Along with Hampton and Newport News on the north side of the James River, Norfolk is home to the largest naval base outside Russia, and carriers, cruisers and all manner of gray-steel behemoths steam past incessantly.

>>>well ok, that reviewer was not appreciative of there naval history<<<

here's a few things to try...

Place to see
1. Nauticus, The National Maritime
2. Hampton Roads Naval Museum
3. American Rover Tall Ship Cruises
4. Chrysler Museum of Art
5. Ocean View Golf Course
6. Moses Myers House
7. Carrie B. Harbor Tour
8. Historic Fort Norfolk
9. Spirit of Norfolk Harbor Cruises
10. Battleship Wisconsin

Places to eat
1. Wild Monkey Gourmet Diner
2. Doumar's
3. Luna Maya
4. Bodega
5. Blue Crab Restaurant
6. Grate Steak
7. Todd Jurich's Bistro
8. Joe's Crab Shack
9. Omar's Carriage House
10. Fisherman's Wharf

Go enjoy yourself...and HAVE SOME owe it to yourself. Don't let an opportunity slip away to do some travel discoveries.


ProFotoFreak 45M

6/16/2005 7:20 am

Bon, you are awesome!

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