Total Control  

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Total Control

Total Control
I manage my house, my budget, my children and I am a manager at work. For the most part I manage to keep things running pretty smooth . I plan ahead, I’m over organized, I work hard and I have a good since of time management. In general my brain is on constant overdrive.
I guess that is why when it comes to the bedroom, I just don’t want to manage it. I am just as happy to let someone else figure out an agenda.
My nipples are pierced and I have a slave chain that can be attached, it attaches from one nipple to the other with a long chain in between for holding onto . I have never had anyone use the slave chain before and really didn’t know what to do with it. But then I didn’t need to. How nice, it was someone one else’s turn to figure things out.
It was a short drive over to Pete’s. We had meet on one of those WWW . SEX . Com sites, we had chatted for a wile and had gotten together a couple of times. But this was different, I had told him about my submissive side, my slave chain, my desires in being controlled and he really like the Idea.
When I arrived he was fully dressed, nice dress causal outfit he wears for work
We kissed as I came threw the door, not deep or full of passion but nice. Pete had me undress down to my lace panties, bra, stocking and put on my stilettos.
We sat on the couch chatted and relaxed and after a couple of drinks, he had me remove my bra and panties and attach the chain to my nipples, My pussy was soaked, I was bear breasted, bear assed and Pete had complete control over me threw my nipples, It was a turn on to be so exposed in front of someone who was still fully dressed.
Pete pulled the chain drawing me over his lap; one leg on each side of him so that my legs were spread and my bear pussy was completely exposed. My nipples were hard and erect; he gently tugged the chain pulling me closer to him by my nipples wile we kissed.
Pete reached down and teased my clit, my pussy was soaked, I tried to reach for his cock threw his jeans but he pulled the chain higher lifting me upright on my knees. then pulled the chain forward till my nipple was in front of his mouth, I felt his teeth nibbling my nipples as he sucked on one then the other wile sliding his fingers into my pussy.
My clit was throbbing; my pussy juices were going down my leg. I thought I couldn’t handle any more of being teased
Pete had me get down on the floor on my knees in front of him. I open up his zipper and pulled out his big hard cock. He pulled on the chain bending me forward to take it into my mouth, He kept the chain tight, pulling on my nipples as I sucked him long and hard, several times he reached over me slapping my ass cheeks pushing his cock deeper down my throat as he did.
Pete pulled me by my chain till I was positioned on top of him again; He rubbed his cock over my clit and pussy, then allowed me to sit down and ride his cock. I came sever times and just before he was about to come he had me get back on my knees in front of him and suck him off, He pulled out of my mouth at the last second, with my mouth still open he sprayed my face, mouth, neck and tits, I licked his cock cleaned, His cum tasted so good.

moreforeplay2 54M

11/21/2005 5:29 pm

Very, very nice story....a "9" out of 10

talktoyourboy 48M

11/4/2007 6:15 am

A change of paste then from your other stories. Still well written and entertaining.


talktoyourboy 48M

11/11/2007 4:33 am

And I show in your stories.

talktoyourboy 48M

2/3/2008 4:20 am

hello, are you still around. Haven't seen anything from you lately. what happened.

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