Local Park  

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9/4/2005 11:02 pm

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Local Park

I woke up this morning, with my after work plans on my mind, I picked out a pair of heals, a nice skirt and blouse, and got ready for work,

The workday dragged on, just to slow, then finally it was time to go. I hopped into the lady’s room and removed my panties and bra,

I was off to one of the local wooded parks in the city to meet with Cliff,

I had meet Cliff threw one of those WWW . SEX . COM places, we had done the E-mail, chat and even web cam. I had gotten to know him a little better and it was time to meet.

There I was setting in my van early as usual, He walked over, we introduced ourselves, and head of down the trail for a nice walk,

We stopped several times to look at things, I would reach over and rub his cock threw his jeans, or he would fondle my tits and nipples threw my blouse then we would continue down the path. At the bridge, Cliff and I leaned over to look at the Ducks, he was standing behind and to the side a little, he pulled my hair out of his way, leaned over and started sucking on my neck, I could fell his now hardening cock pressing up against my ass, he had cupped his hands around both my tits, grabbed my nipples and rolled and pinched them between his fingers.

We went off the main path and back in a little ways to the fallen tree, it’s a couple of feet off the ground and the perfect height for to set on.

Before we could reach the log, I felt Cliff’s hands coming from behind under my blouse, he fondled my tits and nipples, I reached back with one hand and unzipped his jeans, I slipped my hand inside so I could feel his cock and balls, I pulled his nice hard cock out of his jean and stroked it.

Cliff lifted my blouse up over my head and threw it over the log. He bent his head down and took one nipple then the other in his mouth, licking, sucking and nibbling. My nipples were erect and hard as stone, I could feel my pussy dripping juice down my legs. I gave him the camera, and with his cock still hanging out of his jeans so I could see it, he took some pics of me bear breasted out in the woods.

I turned around and bent over the log, I pulled up my skirt and spread my legs open, my bear ass and hot wet pussy out in plain view, he took several pics,

Cliff moved up behind me. He took a couple of pics of the head of his cock rubbing along my slit and clit, and a couple more Pics as he penetrated my pussy from behind, and then pulled it back out for me to suck.

He pulled my hair back and guided my head to the side so he could take a couple of good pics of me sucking him. He kept my hair in his hand and used it to guide my mouth sucking his cock. He had put down the camera and reached down with his other hand and was playing with my tits and nipples.

I don’t know how he got behind me without letting go of my hair, but he was using it to position me into place, It felt so good when he bent me over the log and entered my hot pussy from behind. Fucking me hard wile my tits bounced back and forth hitting the rough surface of the log adding to the excitement.

I went home and uploaded the pics, I was so horny looking at them as I e-mail a copy off to Cliff, I sat there and fingered myself till I came for the last time that night..

This is a fantasy it has not happened to me, but if you would like to make it real let me know!!!!

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9/5/2005 5:23 pm

Hello...what park and what time

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9/6/2005 11:17 pm

They walked through the meadow to the river that embraced the park like a lover, stopping periodically for long, deep kisses, bodies crushed against one another. Beneath the birch, they stripped and he lifted her as she wrapped herself around him. He strode into the chilled waters, oblivious to the cold as he took her in midstream, her cries blending with the call of a whiperwill and the sound of the wind racing through the branches of the tall, thin witnesses.
After, they stared into each others eyes, chests heaving, quietly talking and kissing. Walking back to the sandy bank, she went to her knees with a beckoning look. He moved behind her swiftly, an avatar of lust, taking her with a fury that drove her to cries and spasms of joy. She collapsed, her body turned to jelly, as his essence filled her.

elseisthere2do 48M

9/13/2005 3:38 pm

I know a great place to act out that fantasy...but i'd probaly cum too soon, but you'll never know till we try!!

mustang2700001 61M
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9/27/2005 11:28 am

Well…, you are a gifted writer and seem to know your wants and desires. The question remains are you looking for sex, a fantasy, love, lust, desire, and passion or a relationship that can combine all of the above. I like the idea of a strong woman that wants to be “taken” and pleasured and used. To be played as an instrument and to be brought to the edge of pleasure many times. But, with all things there are opposites “taken” and used for your pleasure. Are you capable of fulfilling that role?

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sleeperinseattle 42M
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3/24/2006 12:22 am

That was a very well written story! It got me excited just reading it! I'd love to help you re-enact it!

rm_Buschnman 53M
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3/27/2006 3:57 am

boy after that i had to pill my pork myself !!! bravo!

talktoyourboy 48M

11/4/2007 5:57 am

I have to say, great job and well written story. Your story was very discriptive which bought it to life. I can honestly say, I would very much like to help you bring your story to life. I look foreward to reading more of you blogs.


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