Can Friends be more and still be friends?  

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8/16/2005 10:18 pm

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Can Friends be more and still be friends?

The movie When Harry meet Sally, says a man and a woman can not just be friends. Is this true? In some aspects i think so and think its good but what if you have someone that is in your life that rocks your world? Mentally, physically, sexually, spiritually.
So there is man in my life that over the past year has become a vital part of me. We have gone from one extreme of lovers to friends...Knowing that We have an addiction to each other that we ended things and didn't talk for 5 months.
Eventually becoming good friends the attraction is still there so strongly. Knowing what we know about each other we know that the sex will be out of this world...rock the bed...stars falling SEX...the kind that only comes once in awhile. Every thought of this man makes me quiver. Stories come out of me with ease with thoughts of him. Fantasies surface and wish to be fullfilled thanks to him.
Our worries though are is it worth it? We also know that when we are sexually physical that we are addicted and terrible for each other...wanting other things in life than the other can't give.
So what to do? Pursue and have earth shattering sex? Or be patient and see when time will take us?

PrincessSarahb30 43F

8/17/2005 7:26 am

i guess i should clearify somethings here. We are good friends...and yes the sex is out of this world, but We are in different spots in our lives realtionship wise. i want different things than he wants. So is it possible to just be a Freinds with Benefits realtionship knowing that We become addicted to each other? You can't ask for more than someone that you want to consume sexually over and over and over that the mer thought of makes your heart race and pussy drip, someone who knows you inside and out. But there are other things also, knowing that we are different people wanting different things. Is it worth it? Is it worth once again chancing to be hurt?

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