PrincessKristen 33F
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2/22/2005 7:04 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


The other night, in one of the chatrooms here, a guy was asking about fantasies. i explained that i've actually done just about everything i've ever fantasized about, and how now i really get off by fulfilling fantasies for others. i love being someone's fantasy girl!

Anyway, i was hoping some of you would share some of your fantasies with me. i might share one of my unfulfilled ones if enough people respond to this. tell me how i could let you live your fantasy... 1 on 1? multiple partners? (how many other guys? how many other girls?) what foreplay? what positions? where? anyone watching? role playing? toys? give me details!

Fuck_US_now2 34M/40F

2/24/2005 3:25 pm

Hey princesskristen one of our fantasy is for my boyfriend to watch while I have some fun with another girl.He said watching me with another girl is the most sexiest things.We've done pretty much everthing from toys to great foreplay to almost every position you can think of,but have been with another girl YET.That's our biggest fantasy.

Spike21 40M

3/1/2005 4:34 pm

Hey Kristen!

You know my only fantasy is to be with you!!


clitlkr123 60M
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3/6/2005 2:24 pm

ummm... yeah, i have fantasies about this lady ...

......... as i unlocked the door, you rub your tits against my back and put your hands in my pockets, and feel my rigid hunk of meat ...i step inside and hold you from behind, facing a floor to ceiling mirror in the entry foyer, the dood still open....... looking in the mirror, you can see my hands cradle your boobs and the stiff nipple poking the thin material ... my hands glide down your sides ... down your legs and as i slowly move them upward, i bring your dress up... i slide them down your legs and raise your dress again, my fingers moving lightly up your inner thighs ...just before your pussy appears i stop...then move up more, the tips of my fingers in the crease betweeen your leg and pussy...and i see your shaven throw your head back and our tongues lick together before our lips meet ...we kiss deeply ...our tongues wrestling as we probe each other's arch your back as my hands glide over your body .... under your dress, caressing your naked body.... you reach behind you and play with my cock and watch me touch your hot take my shirt off....then shoes and socks cock springs straight out as you take off my pants..i turn you back to face the mirror and run my hard cock between your pull up your short skirt and tremble as you look in the mirror and see my cock head sticking out between your legs ...nestled tight against your pussy....i throb as you rub your thighs together and feel your hot honey wetting my shaft .....precum running from the swollen head.... as you lean slightly forward, i unbutton the back of your dress, slip it over your head, leaving you in heels...i slide my cock back and forth, the top sliding between your pussy lips.... you moan, watch me.... i cup your firm tits and tease the nipples with my thumb.... then hold my cock against your wet hot fuck hole and grind your clit while i saw back and forth.. then you reach between your legs and push the dark red head between your lips, move around and push back before i find the entrance..."let's fuck over here." .and i sit in a chair facing the mirrror...legs spread and cock erect....stroking my dick throw one leg over me and sit straddling my stomach...then i watch you hold my cock up and move so that your pussy is against it...then lie back on top of me and watch yourself rubbing my dick on your pussy...i hold your big tits and roll the hard nipples....pinch them and my cock is drooling cum on your hand and pussy.. then you gasp as you slide your hot, wet, velvet cunt down my throbbing dick....your pussy walls hot and slick as the big head parts them... you shiver as my cock twitches violently and swells inside your fuck me hard....forcing my cock deep.. "fuck.....ohhhh i like seeing your cock fucking my cunt......soooo fucking hot..... i start pinching your clit and you moan loudly...... i thrust to meet your juicy pussy and i throb....i feel you hammering my cock....fucking furiously and we grind together .... you moan loudly and grind against my cock as i run my fingers from side to side across your clit....... you can see my balls pull up and see the base of my cock swell as my seething balls pump hot cum ... spewing from the pulsing head......"FUCKOH SHIT.TAKE MY HOT CUM...YOU LIKE FEELNG MY CUMMMMMM........FUCKKKKKKKK"... i grind against you and pinch your clit rapidly... several times .... i feel your tremble and your pussy tighten and you scream"CUMMMMINGGG... FUCKKK..SHIT...YESSSSFUCK....... FUCKKKYESSSSSSSSS" . i pulse and spew more cum.... your cum hot on the head of my hard dick.... quiver...body spasms and your pussy contracts as you squirt cum... i feel your weight as you sag on top of me and i kiss you cock still twitching in your hot cum filled pussy......we watch my cock tighten your pussy and my cock slips out....we see our cum running out of your gaping cunt and i scoop some with my fingers and we lick them........

ExcitedSenses 38M

3/26/2005 8:56 am

Right now you are my fantasy Kristennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn mmmmmmmmmm

bangthis1000 35M
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4/5/2005 12:43 pm

my fantasy? wow! i actually have two! 1) just like many other men i would love to first watch while two other girls get it on while i either watch or video tape. then i would love to join in on the action of course. one girl on top of the other face to face while i bang the one one on top doggy style! maybe we could switch up every now and then. 2) i love it when a girl plays sexy dress up especially in high heals. i don't know what it is about high heals staying on while we fuck but, it just gets me off. i would love to just literally rip off her clothes and go at it. i like sex toys too so if she wanted to use any i'm all for it!

69foruluv 40M
4 posts
4/8/2005 11:30 pm

hey sexy cunt,
will u fulfillll my fantasy.
will love to fuck u in all the positions u fantasize.

CoopsWhirrKithe 36M
1 post
4/10/2005 9:09 pm

i have no words to descrive this ....hum

travelinman1994 40M
24 posts
4/25/2005 4:36 pm

you are the waitress in a fancy resturaunt. I see you smiling at me, I know what you want. when I pay my bill, you say that you get off in two hours, and could I please pick you up in the parking lot (big smile). The wait is killing me, just thinking about what I'll do to your tight little body, I feel like I'm going to explode before you come out. We hurry to your place, your bed, your sheets.

The sex is amazing, young girls are the best!!!

On a serious note, do you have a limited imigination, or are you as wild as I hope you are?

markallen2002 56M
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4/26/2005 9:22 pm

My fantasy with you would be to meet in a deparment store, like Kohls for instance. We're shopping in the general vacinity of each other. I go in to the dressing room to try on some new pants, when all of a sudden you nudge the door open and cum right on in.

PrincessKristen 33F

4/29/2005 2:54 am

i'm liking all these fantasies, boys! i might have to follow through with my promise and tell you all one of mine!
oh and travelinman... i am a wild one! you name it, i probably done it!

rad_vlad 33M

4/29/2005 5:54 am

Sex in a church. During a service. Preferably catholic, but Baptist will do in a pinch.

rm_deja_vu313 31M
12 posts
4/29/2005 7:33 pm

My only fantasy right now is about you! I want to take you out to dinner where you wear the sexiest little red outfit. Your tits are about to fall out at any second. While talking and eating, you slide your foot up my leg and start feeling up my bulging pants. Pretending to drop your napkin, you slide under that table and pull out my hard cock and start licking it. After licking my balls you finally take my cock into your mouth. Teasing me for a bit, you decide to stop and wait for us to have dessert at your house. After getting into the car, you immediatly pull my cock out again and suck me until we get to your house. Walking throught the door, I through you on the floor and start sucking and nibbling on your nipples. I slowly slide my down and eat dessert until you cum a couple times. After finally deciding that you are wet enough, I bend you over and slide my hard cock into your pussy. Slowly at first then picking up the speed, I slam your pussy until you cum again. With your pussy flowing, I lube your asshole and finger fuck you while playing with your clit and fucking you doggy style. I finally cum all over your ass and stick my cock back in for round two........

PrincessKristen 33F

5/2/2005 12:09 pm

very nice, deja vu! i very much like what you're saying here, but here's a hint (for everyone)
more details get me hornier! the more detail, the more real it is, and the more my imagination gets goin!!

fantasy4princess 50M

5/4/2005 7:32 am

You're laying in the tanning bed, feeling the hot
light on your skin and you start rubbing your breasts
and your nipples and you are imagining that I am doing
it. You imagine my large hands on you. Then you slide
your hand down to your sweet spot and with your middle
finger you rub up and down your lips and you are
getting really wet and you are moving the wetness
around and you slide your middle finger in and out,
all the while imagining that I am doing it. Then you
take your index finger and apply a little presure to
your clitoris and start to message that magic button
and now you are getting really hot. Images go through
your mind of me kissing you and kissing your breasts
and licking your clit and fucking you in every
position, in the shower from behind, in the bed with
your legs up in the air, on the desk in your office.
You can hear my voice saying your name Kristen, Kristen and
then you come and the pleasure sensation shoots
through your body like an electric shock and you can't
help but let out a little scream. Afterwards, your
body is sweaty and you relax and breath deeply and you
imagine that I am holding you and kissing you, and you
are warm and tingly.

rm_deja_vu313 31M
12 posts
5/16/2005 9:40 pm

As I slowly slide my swollen head back into your dripping wet hole, you tell me that you want to suck my cock. You slowly start licking my dick then start sucking your juices off of my head. Sticking it deep into your mouth and sucking all the remaining cumm, I stick my hard cock between your sweaty tits. Slowly sliding my cock between your enormous mountains, your suck my cock every time it comes close to your mouth. I slide out of your tits and easily slide my cock back into your wet hot pussy. Starting to suck on your nipples at the same time you let a deep moan of ecstasy out while you cumm from me nibbling on your swollen nipples. Every muscle in your body tightens as your climax lasts for minutes while I nibble, suck, and fuck your body!

PrincessKristen 33F

5/20/2005 8:37 pm

mmmmmmm you boys know how to get me sooo hot and ready!! wow!

fantasy4princess 50M

5/23/2005 10:31 am

I have been checking you out all day at work and I can't stand it. You look so hot in that short skirt. I walk by your desk and whisper "meet me in the stairwell in 5 minutes." You look up and smile and say OK. I get there early because I am so anxious and have to wait a few minutes for you to show up. Finally the door opens and you walk in. I don't say a word I just grab you and start kissing you deeply and feeling up your glorious breasts through your cotton shirt. I push you back against the wall and you lift a leg and wrap it around me. Then I reach down and put my hand up your skirt moving it along your soft shapely leg. You say "yes Tony" and I push your thong to the side and slide my finger into your soft wetness. Your back arches and you moan. I ask, "how much do you want me?" and you answer in a husky voice "Tony Fuck me, I want it so bad." I unbutton my pants and pull them and my boxers down to my knees, then I pull up your skirt and pull off your thong. I grab your ass and you spread your legs and you grab my cock and guide it into you. We both say ohhhh, and then I move you up and down my cock. Right away you say, I want to cum, fuck me hard, and I nail you to the wall. You are moaning and scratching the hell out of my back with your nails and your pussy contracts at that moment of climax and you can feel me cum inside you and then we relax and breath deeply. I pull up my pants, you pull your skirt down and run your fingers through your messy hair. You've never looked more beautiful. We kiss and part, satisfied.

PrincessKristen 33F

5/23/2005 5:50 pm

nice one, fantasy4princess! (and nice name too!!) i'd love to be your office slut

fantasy4princess 50M

5/24/2005 9:06 am

Thanks for the feedback Princess. OK, this one’s a little mushy romantic. I don’t know if it’s your taste but here it is:

It’s raining and I'm sitting at my desk typing to you and looking out the window at downtown Albuquerque getting wet. I imagine that you are here with me in my office, we've both just come in from the rain and our hair and clothes are wet but we look good and are intensely attracted to each other. We turn the light out in the office but there is still natural light coming in from the large windows. We stand facing each other. I put my hand on your face and kiss you. You unbutton my shirt and put your hands on my chest and feel my skin and scratch it lightly with your nails. You look so beautiful right now. I kiss your lips again and begin to unbutton your shirt. Your chest is a little wet and your nipples are hard. I touch them softly with the tips of my fingers. I have to have you right here. We undress and lay our clothes on the floor. We kneel down first facing each other, just touching and then you lay back and I lay on top of you. You reach down and grab my hard cock and run your hand up and down it's length all the way up and down and then you pull it to your wet lips and run the tip up and down as you hold the shaft firmly in your hand. You put your hand on my back and pull me into you deep and we both gasp. The feeling is incredible. We belong together and we belong to each other and it is the most natural thing that we are here right now like this. I pull out and then thrust into you slowly and deeply and back out all the way and then back in. I love the way the tip of my cock plunges into your softness. I hold myself off the floor with my outstretched arms so that I can look at you. You look amazing with your wet hair around your face. I thrust into you and come down close to you. I can feel your large breasts against my chest and I hold your ass with both hands so that the penetration is as deep as possible and when we are at that deep spot I grind my pelvis on yours and it stimulates your clit and you begin saying my name and you are at that point where you are not thinking anything, just feeling the most intense pleasure imaginable. You can feel my cock pulsating inside your body as I come and I am saying your name, Kristin, Kristin. When it's over I lay next to you with every part of our bodies touching and my arms are tightly wrapped around you and we fall asleep there on the floor and the room is getting darker as the sun goes down and we lay there sleeping our satisfied sleep together.

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