Lonely Paradise.  

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11/12/2005 3:45 pm

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Lonely Paradise.

Ladies, this was written by me from a womans view, my view of your needs, Please comment.

The Start of a Whole New Life!

Miles away from the hustle of the daily grind, on a beautiful
white sandy beach, I find myself alone once again, as I do all too
often at home.
My husband is here to attend a business seminar and I find myself
practically begging him if I can attend, if just for the possibility to rekindle
what we once had.
As always, I am left in body and spirit as he spends all his "extra" time
hanging out with his friends.
And so the story goes! I don't know why I expected any different, I should have
learned by now. Again, my hopes are diminished by every passing second as I
realize that this vacation is going to be for him and him only!

So as not to get upset, I decide that I am going to enjoy this trip one way or another!
I just feel the peace in the air here.
The silence of the beach is comforting, like someone is putting their arms around me
and protecting me from all of the mania that I had to endure all my life.

I put on my bikini, grab my things and head to the sandy shores
to soak in the sun. Walking with the sand in my toes I feel a bit of relief
as I listen to the birds and inhale the fresh and crisp morning air.
When in an instant, my eyes catch the breathtaking form of the
lifeguard in his tight red shorts as he waves hello to me.
I almost tripped over my own feet as I shyly smiled and turned away
and kept waking.
I find a peaceful empty spot and begin to relax and drift off in a dream.
A shadow comes over me but I don't remember any clouds in the sky at all.
A little scared yet curious, I open my eyes. My heart almost stopped, as I
noticed a powerful hunk of a man, a body so ripped and defined with the
combination of sun and tan he appeared as a mighty bronze statue of
heavenly desire, standing directly over me!
I suddenly find myself wanting to be rescued. From what I am not sure,
but deep down I feel that this is the man that will do it for me!

No words were spoken as we both took in the beauty of life's best
offerings. Not a fear or worry came to my mind, I can't explain how a
stranger could make me feel so welcome.
He had a look in his eyes that in a subtle yet sexy way seemed to be
asking me for my acceptance.
To which I gave him the look of "Oh, Please take me". He kneeled down and
gently lifted me with his strong arms up to his chest, catching my breath
I tremble in a moment that felt a lifetime as his eyes inhaled every curve
of my body from head to toe! Our hearts beating so hard I could see and feel
our chests beating in a perfect harmonious rhythm!
He carries me down the beach to a tree covered area
and gently lays me on a smooth flat rock. Such a rush flows all through my body
as I want so badly to belive he is real! The sunlight breaking through the trees
casting light across his magnificent full chest, I am powerless as I give him the
consent to do with me whatever he chooses. I don't know why, but I trust him 100%
yet never met him before in my life! Somehow I just knew that finally I was about to
experience the passion that I have craved all my life.
A word is never uttered as we seem to hear exactly what the other is saying.
I sit up and run my hands across his firm chest as he runs his gentle hands
through my hair and neck. I run my hands down his ripped abs as I look for the word
"go" in his eyes. I instantly receive the signal I have been praying for as I pull off his
shorts to find he is as ready as I.
Slowly and fully I take in his fullness as I squeeze his tight ass with my long red fingernails!
His hands work slowly down my shoulders as I give the ok, he unties my top with one
single motion to find my perfect pert breasts, my nipples begging for his touch!
I stand slowly as I run my tongue all the way up his muscular frame to taste his lips.
He tastes just as I thought he would.
Pressing my hard nipples into his chest, we kiss so deeply and I can feel he want's me
as bad as I want him inside me!
I drop my suit as we kiss and I moan the word yes to thank him for his extreme patience
as I give him what he has been craving now, total control.
Reaching behind my thighs, he lifts me to his waist, I bury my
tongue deep in his mouth as he sets me down onto his waiting cock, I feel his
pulse deep inside me as we push and thrust!

The sound of the waves are over powered by our moans of lust as we continue to
make love and ravish the moment! Powerful trembles come over my body as I feel
a climax growing strong. His senses read into that, as he slows down and pushes
deeply inside me rocking my hips as I quiver in satisfaction and let out a scream
that echoes through the trees!

Never in my life have I felt so right and be able to explain why.
The tenderness and strength of this man have just opened all the doors
I never knew I had! I feel him jerking as my body trembles!
Another Orgasm as I feel his hot eruption deep inside me! I start to scream as he
pushes his tongue into my mouth to silence my screams of passion!

We lay down together as I fall asleep on his chest listening to the waves
crashing on shore. My heart still beating as I try to hold on to this moment
for life. For I know I have to treasure every second of this wonderment.
I gradually wake up dazed on my blanket, overwhelmed at the dream I just had.

But wait, the smell of a man is very apparent on my body, and I find a note,
secretly tucked into my bikini, "call me tonight, we'll continue this dream"

This has been the best vacation of my life, and I know the start of a whole new one!

Author: Prince Jewell

1girlrevolution 46F

4/2/2006 8:34 pm

During the last few months of my broken marriage, something very similar happened to me. It was initially frightening, I was quite apprehensive, and it ended in euphoria. I will never forget it. It made me realize what direction my life had to go in, and all my experiences have brought me here.


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