A meeting of hearts.  

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9/27/2005 7:24 pm

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A meeting of hearts.

Fantasy Scene: 1- the beginning.

A message from above comes to me via email.
For some reason I just feel this message needs attention.
I go to my computer to read the message and find,
as my heartbeat rises, It's a woman needing intensely
to hear my voice, and a quick reply is on it's way.

This reply, unknowingly to me, uncovers the shadowed heart
of a Very beautiful hidden soul.
An amazing woman of such loyalty and trust, a goddess in
a lost relationship needing to be swept away by her Night in
Shining Armor! A woman of fantasy dimensions, such breath taking
beauty to cast light to the darkest nights. Such silky dark hair
to innocently hide her shy lavish face,
and a Body of Dynamic Proportions,
so sultry and erotically sexy, that glimmers in the heat of desire.
A passionate soul needing the touch of a true love, a Princess
that is dying to be rescued.
I find myself short of breath as I try to imagine this is not a dream.
For I know in my heart, in precious time, that this is the start
of a magical relationship soon to unfold.

As time goes on the passion and interest grows to a
level of love un able to be described in plain words!
The pure trust and words spoken from our hearts
demands the heated attention of a physical touch!

Fantasy Scene: 2- the meet.

I sit at home dreaming, Knowing the power of fate.
Suddenly an uncontrollable need surfaces in my body!
I have to see her!...NOW!!

I have no time to call her to tell her, I am driven by love!
I drive straight to her house, knowing I am going to
take the hand of my Princess to a dream we both deserve.

As I get to the front door, I see it's not fully closed.
As if an angel of fate was working for my needs.
I hesitate, should I knock?
But my heart tells me to open the door, enter and lock the door.
The house is quiet, no body is home, I walk to the back door as if
I know where to go by heart.
There... I see my love to be!
She is laying in the sun tanning, her oiled body gleaming
in the sun, such a tranquilizing look.
I fall to my knees in a moment of daze.
She wakes to my presence, a little startled she reaches for her towel...
But she stops, noticing the look in my eyes she feels no fear.
She tilts her head to the side and in a sexy way gives me a confirmed
look of concurring needs.

As I walk toward her, my heart pounding with every step.
Our eyes locked together as we get closer, our breaths become
audible and synchronized as if we were one.
I kneel down beside her, lift both of her legs to my chest as I move close,
Kneeling at her perfect ass I slowly caress her feet with my hands and tongue.
I run my hands, both trembling in passion, down her legs to gently glaze
her sexy ass, I lean into her as she feels the moment to spread her legs
and open herself to me.

I sit, pushing my firmness against her bottom, running my hands up her sides
to slowly undo her top. She takes such a deep breath her chest swells to bring
her perfect pert tits to a captivating view! Tiny beads of sweat form as I untie her
top to reveal my waited reward. Slowly, gently sucking her breasts, she feels my
hardness and moans in extasy as I gently bite her nipples.
Our hearts now beating like the thunder in the sky, I feel her drive rising as she
pushes me up to take control,
I lay back as she rips my shorts off to find her treasure surprise.
Without hesitation she takes me into her mouth
and sucks all 8" into her throat. I gasp and take a deep breath as she
works me over and over to a rock hard erection she knows she wants.
With a ravishing look of lust she stands to remove her bottoms,
turning around to tease me with her perfect ass, she kneels over my face
as I grab her waist and pull her wetness to my lips!
I play with her ass as she trembles and shakes with every
movement of tongue against her clit, she's overtaken and swallows my cock again.
Slowly running my tongue through her wet lips, and stimulating her zones.
I feel her jerk and thrust as she explodes in orgasm! She breathes hard and slow.
Then turning around she slides me into her waiting walls.
Slowly she takes all of me in as she moans and gasps for a breath.
Rocking and thrusting we both, uncontrollably kiss in a heated frenzy as we
thrust harder and faster. Heart beats pounding like a beating drum.
We are both dripping in sweat as our bodies just slide against one another!
The temperature rising inside us as we both begin to climax, I can't hold on,
her lustfull erotic beauty has my body in a tremble as we both cum together,
my load explodes inside her as she screams in extasy! We both just fall together
in an exhausted passion.
After resting, she stands and takes my hand to lead me to the door.
We stop at the door, I press up behind her, place my hands on her shoulders,
slowly I run them against her neck up through her hair, then back down her arms
to take her hands. I pull her tight against me as I press my firmness against her rear.
I kiss her neck as I say softly... I want you again, now.....

Author: Prince Jewell

Now you tell me,
Fantasy? or
a Real possibility?

Contact me for this to be real.

shylatina597 49F

9/28/2005 6:02 pm

I would be in heaven if this fantasy could become reality!! Shy

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