Walking the road to Eternal boredom  

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4/10/2005 3:51 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Walking the road to Eternal boredom

And I still get fucking lost!

Temp position finished last wednesday, was a good one too. Shit job, but good people. Got no money, no job, no interesting tales of a sexual nature. Just a bunch of whiny crap.

Oh well.

Managed to get a new bunch of photos, in thanks to my ex/friend who took them for me. No nude stuff though, can't trust her . They should be on the site soon.

Missed another night in the swingers club as she stayed over. Part of me is happy as she's a friend, and part is pissed cos I could have gone out and got some. Oh well. Friends are for life, bit like dogs really. Cept you can't have them put down, or re-homed.

Anyway, I digress.... not really into anywhere interesting, or even more interesting than where I started. Oh, photo's. Despite the look, I wasn't drunk, just always seem to look like a vegetable in them.

Although I should go now, have coursework for uni to do by friday and have wasted the weekend with friends and on this. Not the first, and definately not the last that sex is going to ruin my life.

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