F*****g HATE timewasters  

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3/28/2005 2:22 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

F*****g HATE timewasters

If you read the other post it'll all make sense. The woman I mentioned was through a swinging site, seemed genuine enough, or so I thought.

Never heard from her again after I subscribed for £23(bout $50) to the site. Then got an identical e-mail from her asking to make contact.

I've been duped. Bloody sex-crazed cock lowered my guard and conned me out of £23 worth of drinking money. A mistake I will never make again. On the up side, meant the dilemma never surfaced so I'm free of that.

Also decided I'm off to Erotica 2005 Manchester on the weekend. I'm determined that no matter what the cost I'm going to get a photo of myself in a boob sandwich with 2 porn stars, then hang it on my wall for all to see.

That'll be the extent of my sexlife for a while lol. Instead of going to a gangbang on saturday night, am going out drinking instead. Probably for the best as one'll help me forget about the problems of the other.

Don't know many people who would pass up a gangbang for a drink, but I'm not many people. Especially intelligent people, lol. Anyway, going to get myself showered as I smell like shit, then back to work tomorrow.

Makes me want to cry. But then I think of sex and it's all good again.

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