Dirty Erotic Dreams That Made Me Wet This Morning (Blush)  

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6/20/2005 1:39 pm

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Dirty Erotic Dreams That Made Me Wet This Morning (Blush)

Last night I went to bed after a very lengthy on-line erotic chat....So I woke up this morning with a feeling of satisfaction and naughtiness.....this liitle kitty had been very bad while she was sleeping!

Being the creative girl that I am...I took my "creative juices" and took pen to paper and wrote this poem and revised an erotic story I wrote last year...if you like them I can dream again for you and give you another story?

The Night Is Ours

the night deliciously warm,
the air sweet with the scent
of honeysuckle blooming
outside the opened window

they lay together, arms interwtined
as their body's glistened with
the sheen left from their
just spent passion

soft whispers floating on the
soft breeze wafting in through
the window, whispered promises
of passion yet to come for them

gentle touches of fingertips, hands
holding hips pressed close to feel
the gentle stirring of awakening passion;
the quiet sigh of growing excitement

lips playing across opening
lips, tongue tip tracing a
damp path from lip to breast
...tasting with a wet kiss

slipping in....sliding out
twisting and turning about
heated cries growing with sound and fury
hushed with lips of fire and flame
more and more
tighten and release
over and over
again and again

fireworks exploding behind eyes
glazed in the heat that rages completely
out of control, the low moans growing
to wild shrill screams....blessed release!!

Now good or is that- bad - little girls and boys - here is a story for you to read before you go to bed tonight! Sweet and oh so wet dreams I wish for you!

Cheers! Kate

Blind Passion

How about I come home and the house appears empty - I want to have a hot bath and slip into something more comfortable. It's been a week since you have been gone and I know you are coming home tonight. I want to powder and scent myself in preparation of your return. i have just the right outfit for you....I bought it with you in mind!

I've had to pleasure myself this week and it just hasn't been the same. I rub my nipple and it hardens - I can feel my desire for you rising....maybe in the tub I can warm myself up for you!?

I walk to the bedroom and am blindfolded from behind! No words are spoken. My shoulders are pushed down and I kneel. A cock is teased around my mouth - I can smell the maleness of it - I begin to heat up inside - the anticipation - the mystery of what could happen leaves my mind racing.

I take the cock fully in my mouth - my tongue swirling around what is now a fully aroused cock. I use my hands and ever so gently squeeze his balls. I hear a cry and moan escape from the man in front of me - it's you. I reach to remove the blindfold. Your hand covers mine - "Leave it" you say.

You grab my hair and begin to push me up and down your cock. I do this for several minutes - but I know what you like - . I stop and use my tongue on the tip of your penis. I encircle the head - I gently blow cold air on it! I can tell you like that.... My tongue flicks around the head - slowly and then faster. You again push me down on your cock.... the pace is fast and raw.....

My tongue wraps itself around you like a stick of candy. A thrust - a lick - a slurp...ah the salty sweetness of it all! I want this to last for you! I can hear your breathing quickening. It's been quite a while - I can feel you jerk with passion! I now use my hands and tongue. I kiss, nibble, blow and suck! I reach that sensitive area just under your cock - and use my tongue expertly. I hear you pant and gasp! I have hit the mother load! I smile wickedly! My mission is complete - your cock is huge, hot and slick.....my small hand glides up and down your shaft of pleasure. Faster and faster - it grows harder and harder - bigger and bigger! My lips ache to have you back in my moist wet mouth. I grab onto it like an eager child onto a piece of candy. You taste soo gooood! I feel a familiar tremor deep inside you......

You jerk my head back from your cock and I can feel the warm cum over my breasts - I pant as I out of breath from pleasing you and whisper..."Please lover - more. Don’t let it stop."

I am grabbed by my shoulders. My body now level with yours - I place my hands on your chest to steady myself. Your heart racing - as is mine!

My knees weak from kneeling you also steady me by kissing me fully - your tongue now making it's own magic...I move into you and again feel your cock again beginning to harden. You move to my earlobe to nibble and then down my neck to the hollow of my throat. Your rough manly hands now squeeze my hard aching nipples. I cling to you - weak with desire - I am lost - floating on a sea of emotion. I grind my hips into yours! My clothing a barrier to your warmth and maleness. You feel my frustration - I go to reach to unbutton my blouse - I hear a stern, "Stop".

You are a tease and evil...you have your own plans. Meanwhile my pussy is over flowing with desire for you...But no matter my wants - you are in control...You reach down and stroke me - it almost is too much for me - "Fuck me - give me your hard long cock" I plead. You laugh and place me on the bed - you finger me again.... and then tease me with your cock - once again circling my wet aching bush.” you bastard -" moan. my hips arching towards your cock....it is hard, hot and oh so wet! I can see it in my mind's eye - I want it so bad!

I am stripped of my clothing - slowly - your rough hands glides across my body. ...You know my secret spots. You torture me - you nibble, lick, stroke and use your tongue! You take me to another level of passion.....

Once again I am brought back to reality as your cock brushes my nipples - you are standing in front of me now- I can smell your musky manly scent - I lean back and like a baby bird I open my mouth - to again take you whole.... but a finger in slipped into my mouth -I hungrily suck and run my tongue over your fingers. Like a never ending hunger - I need you - any part of you.... at the same time I can feel your cock again circling my now dripping wet aching pussy....You remove your fingers from my mouth -

I anticipate your cock - need you- "Fuck me! God Fuck me!" I moan...

I widen my legs - and raise my hips - open to an invitation of raw sex - you can see my red juicy lips - now shiny with desire for you.... but you are in control and you want me to know it - you slide in two experienced and skilled fingers into my pussy. They are now inside my warm wet hole! My hips thrust to meet the rhythm of your fingers wet with my own saliva. I automatically tighten my grip! Encircling your fingers...You begin to rub my clit - I scream in surprise - It feels so bad! The lovely pain, ache and joy! I feel like I will pass out! It seems like hours - and yet minutes - I don't want it to end. You are enjoying bringing me just to the edge of climax and back. You can be so cruel!

I moan and squirm with pleasure - Soft strangled mews escape my lips!. Again and again you tease me. I give more little screams of delight - All this excites you I can tell!

You push me back onto the bed.....I am now begging - pleading with you to give me your cock! Ohh pleassse.... ahhhhhhhhh yesssssss!


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6/20/2005 8:39 pm

"Hmmmm" exactly. Thtis reminds me... I think I need a road trip vacation. I hear Canada's nice this time of year Know anyone who could show me around?

Let me drive. I like the view

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