To assorted keyboard commandos  

Preacher13Ind 43M
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7/26/2005 6:01 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

To assorted keyboard commandos

this little thing goes out to all those I have met in assorted chatrooms over the last few weeks.

I pride myself on being able to get along with most everyone, and even consider myself something of a mediator. I am weary of feeling the need to be defensive because of certain catty comments. I recon everyone thinks they have a set of brass balls once they can hide behind a keyboard. Sure, pick on someone twice your size. If you was in the bar and drinkin' I could forgive your stupidity. Forgive, not forget. Very important difference. First is shame on you, second is shame on me, and we do not do a third.

I think there is a vast amount of ignorance out in cyberland, and perhaps some of it is delibrate.

Did everyone forget "If ya can't say something nice, don't say nothin' at all?" We've never met, so how could you have any true footing to stand on when you choose to sling mud? Is it because I choose not to hide behind any veil of anonominity? I wear my reality on my sleeve and put it right out in public, right wrong or indifferent. I am what I am and I am who I am. Period. Does that threaten you? Too bad. That is not my goal.

I have even seen insults slung about my bike. I'm sorry that I spend my time riding instead of polishing. And that "girls" bike, as I once heard it called, has taken me to Florida and back. In the course of that particular three week vacation we put down more than 4,000 miles and I came back north on new tires. I don't need some big shiney bike to make me feel like I got a foot long pecker. I ride what runs and gets me down the road. If you don't understand that or won't understand that then you are no-one of consequence, that truely is a shame. For your information, when I roll into the bar, I park separate from the other bikes. When I come out to leave, she has plenty of good company. Everything from 100th Anniversary road kings to shovelheads.

So all you folks that wanna just sling mud and stir up fecal matter, remember this: You don't have the balls to say those things in person, so they are empty words that show how vacant your own soul is. You have my pity.

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