Sucking a friend with my husband watching  

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5/23/2005 3:44 pm

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Sucking a friend with my husband watching

It was Labor Day weekend a year ago, I invited Jack over to have dinner. Jack whose wife Rachel is out of town on a business trip. I have never had sex with Jack, but we all have been friends for a number of years. So all through dinner I kept teasing Jack, telling him if he would take his dick out I would suck it. After dinner we had a few wines and then got naked a got into the hot tub. I immediately grabbed Jack’s cock. It did not take long and he was playing with my titties. I had him stand up and told him I was going to peak him, which made his cock harder. He said Rachel did not suck his cock and he was really enjoying himself tonight. I did not want him to cum right away so I sat him down, he and Marty started play with my pussy and tits again. No problem one titty for each but one at a time could play with my pussy. My pussy was so wet I think Marty was going to put his whole hand in me. I kept a hold of Jack’s cock and had him stand a few more times for more peaking. He was surprised at my shaved pussy it really turned him on, I could tell because his cock was dripping precum like crazy. I could feel how slippery he was even in the hot tub water. Marty let him have the most time fingering me. I told him I wanted him to fuck me but not to cum, I wanted to deep throat him to climax, I knew he would have a big load and I could not hardly wait for him to cum in my mouth. While he was fucking my very wet pussy Marty was playing titty and rubbing my clit. I got Jack to sit on the side of the tub where I slowly lowered my head so his cock slide, completely down my throat and I licked his balls and massaged the area just behind them. Marty was finger fucking me while I was blowing Jack. I only wish he would have fucked me doggy style while I was sucking off Jack. My head was moving up and down slowly, it did not take long and I could feel Jack’s cock start to spasm and he shot his first load deep into my mouth. I pushed down so he would enjoy the full length on his cock in my throat. I keep up the massage and he squirted two more times. He later told me that was the best head ever. He soon went home. Marty and I got into my bed his cock was rock hard. I guess it was because he watched me blow someone else. Or it could be I have found my flower has opened and I am truly a sexual woman. He was finger fucking me and using my vibrator I had an all time great orgasm. I sucked Marty’s dick a short while but I needed more fucking. He slide his body under my legs and when I was on my back so he could enter me from sort of the rear and he could still use my vibrator. I had another monster orgasm. He turned the vibrator off and I fucked his cock , I came again and again. He came on my third or fourth Big O. He slide is cock out of my pussy and let it lay against my clit. I kept fuck his dick and I had several more little O’s. The next day Jack sent me an e-mail telling me how much he enjoyed himself and I was as good as I told him. He had some regrets that Marty did not get more into the action. Little did he know how we fucked after he left, I guess I will have to tell him.

devilinchains 40M

5/23/2005 5:22 pm

great me rock hard...

i love your tatoo, by the way

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5/28/2005 1:44 pm

any time you want that hairless cunt of yours licked im ready im close lets get together soon

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6/23/2005 11:25 am

And A Lovely Time Was Had By All!

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6/29/2005 3:19 pm

I'd like some of that action.

rm_horndog99999 53M

7/14/2005 10:31 am

Call me!

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8/15/2005 3:39 am


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