Trust : something you need even here.  

Popcornman1970 46M
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4/20/2006 12:44 pm

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6/28/2007 8:25 am

Trust : something you need even here.

Hello all this is my first try at this blog thing. No idea what to say. Trust is a big thing with me. if i cant trust you then you will not be in my life. I have not talked to anyone in my family in about 15 years because I felt I could not trust them. Yes I know there is all kinds of levels of trust.But sometimes you meet someone that you just feel you can not trust on the level you need to. Wont matter if it is a friend or lover.Like not to long ago I meet someone and I enjoyed being around them but as I got to know them and watched and listened to how they had been in the past with people and lovers i felt that they would end up being someone that would in the end hurt me. I know this will sound odd but I am not the type to go in to something knowing someone will end up hurt. So i had to walk away from this person. What I think is sad she never understood why i left. It was not because i did not like them or because they would not have been fun to be around. It was when they was not around that would bug me. I can not and will not waste my time thinking about what the person is doing (or who)when they are away from me. All that will do is sour the time we do have together. That would not make anyone happy so I try my best to keep out of that. If you sit back and think about how many places in your life you have to trust someone, it can be rather over welming at times. From the food you eat to the people driving in the lane beside you on the have to have some type of trust or you can not live in todays world.That type of trust is not the kind I am talking about.I will talk about 2 more kinds of trust in posts that will follow. this was just a short outline of what I have decided my first posts will be about. I don't like to talk about my self. So I figured I would let people get to know me thew my thoughts. I hope to see you all soon.

If it's not popping then I'm walk en.

Mermaidslut 49F

4/20/2006 1:36 pm

Trust as in .. are you the jealous type?

Hence, my user name. Get over it now.. and then if things do work out it is something that will have to be a TRUST developed between us as I get to know the person I am with. If someone I have a LTR who thinks I am cheating on him, I would leave the relationship immediatly. Been there, done that, almost lost my life and lived in hell for 14 years. I could never love a man again, who looked at me with a hint of suspicion.

Besides, now that I am wiser... I have found that usually it is the person who is jealous, is the one doing the "cheating" cause the other person is already trustful enough to think that you love them... Open relationships are the best. Learn to be honest about your sexuality and you might find someone you will trust no matter what.. even if you both decide to be monogamous and just read this site together for kicks!! I can assure you, the sex will ultimatly be ALOT better!

SirMounts 102M

4/20/2006 1:49 pm

Trust is the most positive, and fear the most negative, factors in any sort of relationship. May you discover more of the first, and far less of the second here, Popcomman. Welcome to the blogs and ^5's.

Popcornman1970 46M
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4/20/2006 2:14 pm

All very true statements on trust.I do agree with Sirmounts comments. I can fully understand Mermaids comments.Jealous type?
Me? no I'm not if I feel I need to be then I move on, nor would I be on this site Oh and for you Iwillwait desideing who and when to trust is the big question. But as i said I will go in to this more later. Thanks for the comments keep them comeing.

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