Another Story (Surprise)  

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Another Story (Surprise)

Previous blog posts have another story (in 4 parts) relating to these characters.

----Surprise, part 1:

Amy smiled, and knew Brent couldn't see it. He looked so cute naked in bed, spread-eagled, his hands bound onto the headboard. And with the blindfold, he couldn't see anything. She leaned over and kisssed him softly. Then gently pulled away. He didn't know where she was, and she liked it that way. He also didn't know she'd pulled on her black leather strappy outfit. It was a collection of straps that left her breasts, cunt, and ass exposed but criss-crossed her body in a very sexual and dominatrix way. And now, it was time for a little revenge for his casual treatment of her a few weeks back. She had refused to meet up with his friends since. But tonight, well, tonight she was in charge. And if he didn't realize how much already, he would soon. She wrapped her hand around his hard cock and slipped a cock ring over it. "Now you stay nice and hard sweetie, I'll be right back with a super special surprise."

"Yes mistress" was his perfect reply. He was a little nervous, she'd been talking about domming him for several days. She'd taken the initiative tonight, when he got home form work by ordering him naked and into bed. He shivered a bit remembering the sexual look in her eyes as she'd ordered him to prepare the bed and put the writst cuffs on. When he was ready, she'd fastened them to the headboard, and slipped on the blindfold. He had no idea what she'd planned, but he was sure he'd enjoy it. She was great at this, suprising him with sexual toys oroutfits, role-switching and role-playing were favorites as well. He never knew what mood she'd be in, and he loved it. He strained his hearing, trying to figure out what she was doing, where she was in the room. But had no clue.

She walked out into the living room, and over to the front door. Quietly she opened it, and smiled as one of her best friends walked in. Owen had been her friend for years. In fact, he'd been her first lover. And she his. Never meant to be lovers forever, they still had a very strong attraction and caring for each other. They also knew each other as well as best friends and lovers could, and then some. She knew all about his Sub side, and he all about her Dom side. Lack of sexual attraction had not been why they stopped fucking. Neither had boredom or anything similar. And all of that made him perfect for tonight. The only down side was Brent had never been overly happy about her being so close to Owen still. Then again, the guys never really spent any timetogether. She had a feeling they'd get along perfectly, if they ever actually hung out.

She touched her finger to her mouth, gesturing silence. He grinned. Gently she closed the door behind him and pulled him forward. Her hands went to the fly of his jeans and eagerly she unzipped and unbuttoned them, pulling down his pants and boxers. She dropped to her knees and took his hardening cock into her mouth. Oh god, it felt so good. He gently stroked her head and closed his eyes, enjoying her mouth wrapped around his cock for the first time in way too long. After he was hard, she stopped and stood up. Swifly they got his shirt off. She whispered in his ear, "I'm in charge, my pet. If you are as good as you can be, you will have a very fun night. I promise. But he doesn't know what's in store yet, so lets be very very quiet until it's time."

"Yes mistress," Owen whispered. He couldn't believe it still, she'd asked (ordered) him here tonight. She'd been with Brent so long, and she loved Brent so much (God, that man was so lucky!), this was definetly a new thing to her. But ohh, he knew it would be great. It had been before after all. She turned and walked back to the bedroom. He watched her, and got harder. Especially watching her tight little ass. And he knew just how tight it was. She turned and gestured for him to follow. He did.

She walked back into the bedroom, and looked once again at Brent naked and blindfolded on the bed. She walked to the foot of the bed and gently climbed onto it, then began to suck his still hard cock. He moaned as her wet warm mouth slid down it, slowly taking every inch in. Soflty Owen walked behind her and slid his hands down her back, to softly cup her ass. He squeezed gently, then slid one hand around to finger her clit. She moaned around the hard dick in her mouth. Pulling her mouth off Brents cock, she gestered to a side table where lube and gloves were. Owen nodded, and quietly reached over and grabbed them. Sliding a glove onto his right hand he dipped a finger into the lube and then he began to slide it into Amys tight ass. His right hand slipped 2 fingers into her already wet cunt and stroked just right. She gasped, at the feeling of his hands in her cunt, and the cool wetness of the finger and lube in her ass.

Owen pulled out his finger, and went for more lube, she spread her legs apart more to allow him better acess as she conitnued to suck Brents cock. Her hands cupped his balls and played with them ever so gently, while her warm mouth sucked hard up and down on his dick, her tongue flicking along the shaft and stroking the base. As a second, and then a third finger with lube slid into her ass she decided it was time to liven things up a little.

"I want you to beg." She ordered. "Tell me what you want, beg your mistress to let you have it." Owen knew she meant Brent and not him. He could tell it wasn't time yet to reveal her surprise.

Brent gasped, "Oh please mistress, I want you to fuck me. I want to feel your tight wet cunt around my hard cock. Please, pleasure yourself on me. Use me to get off, I'm your boy-toy, please use me however you want. Please mistress, please!"

She pulled her mouth off his cock, and began to gently kiss her way up his body. Her tounge licked, her mouth nipped and sucked, as she made her way up to his neck and ears. She whispered, "Be a good toy and rememeber you can only get off when I tell you too. No kissing or sucking or licking without permission either. And I ll punish you if you do not obey. I have both your plugs and the lube out. I will use them." Then she began to lightly kiss his ckeeks and forehead, letting her full breasts hang dangerously close to his lips. He could tell they were there, and she knew he wanted to reach out and suck on them. But he wouldn't. Meanwhile she was gently rubbing the tip of his cock aginst her sopping pussy. He was gasping, and struggling to stay still on the bed. She slipepd the head in, then pulled away. Then she allowed the tip and a bit more to slide in, teasing him. Again and again she did this, and he begged her to fuck him. Owen stayed silent at the foot of the bed, still hard and waiting for her to tell him what to do next.
---End Part 1-------

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