April Fool's Day  

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4/1/2005 7:58 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

April Fool's Day

so i was im'g someone the other day that i'd transitioned from AdultFriendFinder to im. cuz i was letting my AdultFriendFinder expire, to get back to real life, etc., blah blah..blog...and he says he sent me an email via AdultFriendFinder. and i say, bud, i'm not on there anymore. i got the expiration notice and everything, and didn't renew. and he says, you're still on there...he says he just saw my pic. my pic? the network, he says. i stop the im, and try to log-in to AdultFriendFinder. and sure enough, i can. ..i realize later that i forgot u can still do things even if you're no longer a subscriber. trick is, you have to do the xtra stuff before ur no longer in the silver/gold club. like post pics, invite people into your network, wink.

but i can email some who wink at me. and i can send an email from a profile. and receive email. and, ...apparently, blog.

not sure if i'm going to send that note to say 'kill the account' please.


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