Sex With Strangers  

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8/19/2005 10:20 pm

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Sex With Strangers

Jman and I are really doing our "research" about swinging before we jump into "the lifestyle." We watched a documentary last night about swinging and funny enough it was based in the NW...our home stomping grounds. There was Portland on the big the town of swinging couples.

It was, to be honest, a little disturbing to watch. There was a crazy ass threesome that had a totally dysfunctional woman that would do anything for a guy that (from what I saw)treated her like crap so she got into swinging for that reason, but it was destroying her self esteem...

Then a couple that seemed to have it "down." They were both comfortable, had good communication skills and loved to get out there and meet couples, but they were quite a bit more involved in swinging than I ever want to be and the guy would get mad when others got "in his way" while he was pleasuring a woman...

And last, but not least was a couple in Mississippi that had a man that wanted to swing and a woman that wasn't quite so comfortable with it, but did it for him and it almost destroyed their relationship...they got out of the lifestyle shortly after the film was completed.

So, I guess after that introduction I just wanted to toss out a few thoughts about the whole thing...

1. I've wondered if sometimes swingers get pressured into doing something they aren't comfortable with because they don't want to be the one that kills the party. Anyone out there ever been the one to say NO WAY and pissed off others? Whats the protocol?

2. How often does one part of the couple want to "swing" more often than the other? Jman and I are really trying to get on the same page with this to make sure that we are both comfortable...I've read and reread other posts and we're putting our "rules" list together, but what else is there to make sure that when it happens one of us doesn't totally freak out and then (back to number 1) have to be the party pooper...

Freak...I'm sounding very complicated right now and all full of drama, but in reality I was a little disturbed that the only couples that they could do a documentary on were kind of freaky...AND I'm really not this complicated, but this documentary sure threw a lot of questions into my head...

So, I hope this isn't totally offending some of you...I really am curious about how this all works.

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