Sharing your desires always isn't so easy  

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5/1/2005 8:58 pm

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Sharing your desires always isn't so easy

As I chat away with many different (wonderful) ladies, I have to think to myself is this a person that I want to share my desires with? Desires and fantasies can be such an intimate part of ourself and I know that I don't want to share them with everyone I talk to. I believe there definately has to be a mutual interest involved in the types of play wanted or it probably just won't work out. I find the initial communication that involves sharing these desires can be somewhat awkward at times. Really, I don't always want to come right out and just say this is what I fantasize about because maybe I would actually like to be asked. Furthermore, if I end up talking about everything that turns me on and I'm receiving little feedback or she is not sharing the same, then the communication just isn't there and suddenly I wish I hadn't said so much. I will admit that my desires can be somewhat submissive in nature and I look for a lady who likes to be aggressive. For several years I explored the D/s lifestyle and ultimately came to the conclusion that it just isn't for me. Yet I still yearn for play rooted in power exchange, but nothing extreme of course.
It could be as simple as a blindfold or light bondage.

For now, I think I will just continue to talk and if someone really wants to know more about me, then all they need to do is ask. That is really all I can ask for myself.

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