Aaah a good smelling man!  

Plumpness1 48F
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5/29/2005 12:27 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Aaah a good smelling man!

Ok Ladies (and Gentlemen),

I am officially desperate!! I've been stood up twice in 2 weeks and tonight, I snuggled a strange man's neck!!

Went to the casino tonight with a friend (just a friend). I was standing behind a nice older gent who was wearing the most fabulous cologne. Have I mentioned to you all that I can practically orgasm smelling really good cologne on a man's nice clean neck (with a fresh haircut)?! Well, I can!

I asked this guy (late 60's or so) what he was wearing and he said it was Cool Water Blue. I love Cool Water and this new scent is just absolutely cummable!! We chitchatted and finally I said, "Let me smell you again" so he stood up (keep in mind that he was only about 5'6") and I leaned down, put my nose in his neck and inhaled deeply!! The whole table roared with laughter cuz it was obvious that we weren't gonna hook up but I felt the nicest tingle down below. When I opened my eyes, he had this look like he wanted to screw me. And let me tell you, if he had been a little taller, I might have let him.

People, I've gotta get laid but quick before I start molesting senior citizens!!!!

Ladies, what are some of your favorite colognes? Does anyone else find good cologne goes straight from the nose to their clit too?


rm_royalty71 45M

7/2/2005 12:32 pm

Hi Plumpness, a great smelling cologne is Aqua Di Gio!!!! You'll cum everywhere, by the way I'm 5'11 , do I have a shot?

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