part 2  

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part 2

Part II

I continue kissing your inner thighs, right to the crease of your leg and over your pubic area. You tense up briefly, but then relax again.. I take a deep breath, breathing in your scent. This is wonderful is all I can think. My clitoris is pulsating now. I am so wet, I am sure you could feel it right through my jeans.
My kissing turns into licking and I lick and kiss all around your sweetest area. I gently brush my lips back and forth over your lips, which are wet and swollen with pleasure. I pull my head back to see what you look like… your clit is swollen and pink, escaping your lips just slightly. I’ve never been so close to another woman, and I truly enjoy the view.
Knowing that the lighter the touch, the more the body strains to feel it, I lick my middle finger, and gently, oh so gently, I glide it up your clit. A sound escapes you …was it a groan? I wasn’t sure, so I do it again. Whisper soft, I glide my wet finger down, then tracing back to the head of your clitoris. Here I trace soft circles over your very erect clitoral head. You and I both know this is the most sensitive part, and you seem to love the sensation this is giving you…Not to over stimulate you, I don’t linger here long. Your body is starting to tense up as you arch your back more and spread your legs farther apart, bending them at the knees. I want so badly to taste you, and you want me to as well. But first I want to be inside you.
I gently glide my now wet finger into your vagina. You take a quick breath in, as if you weren’t expecting it... I stop….not sure what to do next, but then your body tells me. You instinctively move your hips back down onto the bed, causing my finger to slip out of you Then you raise your hips again, and the motion is set. God you are so wet. This is amazing. I don’t have to do much but watch you now, as you move your body and my finger probes inside you over and over. I push in deeper, and you moan…deeper still, and deeper again…”oh God…”…. Your eyes are closed and your hands clench the sheets next to your body. I love the way this feels, so warm, so wet….I watch you, your body grinding against my hand. Eventually, your movements beginning to slow, and I gently slide my finger out of you. We both catch our breath, and our eyes meet for the first time since we started. “You ok?” I say, “Oh yeah….very ok” I smile.

I begin kissing you again. Kissing all over your inner thighs and across your pubic area…getting myself into position, it’s time. I lick you. My tongue is broad and flat against your entire vaginal area. I lick you again, not too hard, not too soft, over and over Always in an upward direction. Slowly, rhythmically, I lick you…We begin to move together again. The licks become longer and slower, and my tongue slips into of your vagina now on each stroke. You are breathing deeply, and I look towards your face to see you are up on your elbows now, head thrown back, your chest rising and falling as we move together. God this is heaven. I could do this forever…and it feels like we do…over and over we continue this dance of ours…
I start to back off ….a little more on each passing lick, till finally it is only the tip of my tongue that is licking you.

Using my thumbs, I gently part your outer lips, and start licking the sides of your clitoris with the tip of my tongue. Faster now, lighter, I am flicking my tongue over your clit, faster. faster, ..You moan loudly, “ Oh …yes…Oh God…” Your breathing is shallow and quick. Your hips and my tongue are moving in a perfect rhythm. Your knees are bent, and your legs are pressed firmly against my shoulders. I wrap my arms around your thighs, I can sense the climax coming and I want to be holding on tight so I don’t miss any of it…
I feel it, the first deep shudder of an orgasm, your body jerks suddenly as your orgasm comes to the surface, and the second wave comes. then the third…
I am holding very still. I have stopped licking, and am holding my tongue flat and hard against your clit. Your laying back now, arms over your head on the pillow, your breathing is erratic as your body shudders again and again..
Your legs are held tightly against my head. You don’t want this to stop…neither do I…
We are both breathing heavy as the climax ebbs… again your body shudders deeply…. Slowly, you begin to loosen your legs, but I remain right where I am, I know your clit is so sensitive now and I don’t want to make you jump. I slowly, gently pull myself away. I have to catch my breath, and I sit up and look at you. ..Your naked body still trembling with the last throws of an orgasm.. You are perfect..

I crawl onto you, placing my knee somewhat firmly against your very wet and tired pubic area. I cover your body with mine, since you are trembling. I don’t know if you are cold or not, but I suddenly realize I am trembling too.
We stay like this for a few moments, not saying anything, just breathing. I kiss the side of your neck,… twice…then slowly roll to your side and pull the blankets up over you. We still haven’t spoken, but we don’t need to. There isn’t anything we could say. This was exactly what we both wanted…and words now would only ruin it.

I look over at hubby who has been sitting so quietly through this whole thing. I motion for him to come over to the bed, and as I get up, I lift the blankets for him to climb in and spoon you

I go into the bathroom to wash up a bit. Though I have thoroughly enjoyed how you taste and smell, your wetness is almost dripping from my chin. I look in the mirror and smile at the thought. I check myself, and I was right, my own wetness came through my jeans. Damn…that is something.

I stay a few minutes in the bathroom, and when I come out, you and hubby are still laying in bed. I walk over and gently brush some hair from your forehead and kiss you, then him. You look up at me; “Wow” is all you say. “Yeah, wow” is my reply. We both smile, and I wink at you, then I cross the room gathering my things. I quietly let myself out, and go on into the cool night air.

Things seem fresher now, clearer than they ever had been. I know this experience is one I will never forget, and maybe, just maybe, I will get to do it again.

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