Part 1 (read this first)  

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9/29/2005 11:43 am

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Part 1 (read this first)

We finally decide it’s time to move from the emails and calls, and actually get together. We pick a night that will give us both time and privacy. I come over to your place around 8:00. There are brief hellos at the door, and your husband invites me into the living room and offers me a drink. “Yes thanks” I say. Hopefully it will quiet my nerves, because I am certainly nervous. After about 15 minutes of chatting in the living room, your husband breaks an awkward silence by saying ”Well ladies, shall we get on with it?” We all laugh nervously, but it gets us up onto our feet and moving towards the bedroom. You excuse yourself and step into the bathroom, while I get things ready for your massage. Your husband and I talk a bit about what is going to happen. We have all mutually decided that he is going to be a spectator tonight, unless we invite him to join in. I promise him that either way, he will get a massage from me, but another time. He seems satisfied with the setting and settles into a chair.

I take out several oils and prepare the oil warmer. I light a few candles, since mood is key to a good massage. Hubby puts some soft music on the stereo.

When you come into the room, you are wearing only a bathrobe. You stand in the doorway, taking in the scene, and we smile at each other. You look over at hubby, and he winks and smiles broadly. You laugh and lean over to kiss him on the lips. It’s a passionate kiss, and one of reassurance, letting you know that this is a good thing and he is ok with it. You touch his cheek and linger a moment before you come towards the bed.

“OK, now what?” you ask. “Whatever you are most comfortable with” I reply. You look back at hubby, and then untie your robe. It falls to the floor and for a moment we just look at each other. My eyes taking in your naked body, and your eyes watching me look at you. You lay on your stomach in the middle of the bed. I brush your hair from the back of your neck, and then begin to knead slowly. You are tense, as am I, but I know it will not be long before you relax. The problem is, I don’t want to relax you to the point of sleep…

I put some warmed oil in my hands and gently spread it over your back and shoulders. I begin by rubbing and kneading the trapezium muscles that go from your neck to the middle of your back. I can feel the tension starting to alleviate. I work out several knots and you relax even more, sighing a bit. Eventually, the deep kneading changes to gentle rubbing. This helps bring the tension out into the bloodstream where it can leave the body. I start to move on to the Lats, which cover your middle back and the sides of your rib cage. You take a deep breath and settle into the bed a little more. This is going well, and hubby is watching quietly but intently. He can tell you are enjoying the massage and says “Feel good hun?” “Oh yeah” you reply and you smile at each other. “Me next": he says, and we all laugh.

With my thumbs, I glide up the sides of your spine several times. This allows more blood flow to the lower extremities. I use my forearms in broad sweeping strokes over your entire back. This is very relaxing and I can feel you breathing deeper. I know the massage is going well.

As I finish your upper and middle back, it is time to do your lower back and buttocks, which is where most women carry their stress. Normally, the buttocks are left out of a regular massage, but this isn’t a regular massage by any means, and I plan on rubbing every inch of you.

I need to straddle you to get better leverage, so I move to the lower end of the bed. I take your ankles and spread your legs just wide enough for me to be able to have one knee between your upper thighs and one on the side of you. As I slide my knee between your legs, we both feel a bit of a rush and hubby’s eyebrows go up a bit as he watches..

I return to running my thumbs up the sides of your spine, now needing to lay my body across your back to reach all the way to your neck. I like the way this feels…
Coming back down to your lower back, my hands sweep the sides of your body, touching the sides of your breasts on their way. I repeat the move, and kiss you lightly in the middle of your back on the second run. As my hands get back into position, I begin kneading the muscles above your pelvic ridge. You sigh loud enough for both hubby and I to hear. “Oh yeah, right there” you say ”Mmmmm…”. I keep rubbing and kneading this area. The very base of the spine, at the top of the buttocks, can be a very stimulating area. As a masseuse, we are taught to not linger here, because it can cause sexual stimulation and make the customer uncomfortable. Knowing this, I make sure to caress the area gently but thoroughly. It seems to have the desired effect because I can feel your pelvis push against my knee a little harder.

I apply more warmed oil over your buttocks. I rub very gently, and you tense up a bit and giggle. “I’m so ticklish” you say. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to tickle you”. “It’s all right, I liked it” comes your reply. I make a mental note, tushie ticklish..and she likes it…

Using the heel of my hands I deeply knead all around each cheek. You groan a bit, not in a sexual way, but in a pleasured way. As I knead your cheeks together, I run my thumbs up and spread your cheeks just slightly, sliding my thumbs back over the base of your spine, causing further stimulation.. I do this 3 or 4 times, as we are both giving each other the clear message that you like it. Hubby likes it too, as now he is hard and rubbing himself a bit. I look at him, raising my eyebrows and smiling. He smiles, and settles back into his chair.

My tushie massage has moved from deep kneading to freely rubbing, giving me a chance to simply look at and touch you. As I rub, my touch becomes gentler, and eventually I am only tracing circles over and across your cheeks with the tips of my fingers. I know it is tickling you, as you have pulled your elbows in tight to your body, but you haven’t clenched your cheeks or moved at all, so you must like it. I know I do. I can feel my own wetness, and wonder if I can hold out to finish the massage the way I planned, or am I going to just have to turn you over now and dive in head first…

I take a few deep breaths, and move to the side of your body, no longer straddling you. I begin a crisscross hand motion on your right upper thigh. This feels great, and also causes your legs to spread open a bit more with each sequence of moves. As I do this, I can feel the side of my hand lightly brushing against your pubic area. I move down your thigh, and then back up, again brushing gently against your inner most thigh. I can feel the moist, warmth you are starting to get, and my heart pounds a little harder. I move back down your thigh to your calf. I don’t massage too hard, because it can be uncomfortable. I move on to your right foot by bending your leg at the knee so your foot is in the air. I am an expert at foot massage, and my fingers seem to hit every knot in your foot. You clearly love this, and I make sure I keep it up until every tension is gone. Now I cross to the other side of the bed, though my hand never leaves your body. I begin working on your left thigh, but this time, you spread your legs a bit farther apart on your own. I smile, and look over at hubby who has the perfect view from where he sits. He is now fully hard and stroking himself. I watch him briefly as I get into position. I begin the crisscross motion again on your left thigh, but am making sure that my hand brushes your pubic area on every stroke.
I move down to your calf, then your foot, repeating what I did to the first foot. As I place your leg gently back down on the bed, I take hold of both ankles and rub both calves simultaneously as I work my way back up to your thighs. I am kneeling between your legs, which are now spread pretty wide. I lightly trace upwards with my fingers on the inside of your legs, teasingly, bringing them right to the top of your thigh to your butt. As this continues, you begin to arch your back, bringing your lower body slightly off the bed, giving me better access. My heart is pounding so hard, I feel like the sound is filling the room. I trace my fingers several more times; teasing you until I am sure you want me to go farther.

You are laying with your arms and hands up over your head, face buried into the pillow, and clearly waiting for me, willing me to touch your wetness. Gently, I slip one hand under you and as I draw it out, I glide my finger up your wet and swollen clitoris. We moan at the same time. I can’t believe I am doing this! God this feels so right.
I do it again, this time, nothing is by accident, my hand is slipping under you again and again, each time probing a bit more. You want me to slip my finger inside you, but not yet…It’s too soon…

There is a noise behind me, and I turn my head just in time to see hubby stroking out the last of his load. Apparently, he was moaning right along with us. He stands to go clean up, and I can see for the first time that he is very well proportioned….I like it, and know that I will definitely want to give him a massage…but not now…THIS is what I really came over for..

As he leaves the room, I kneel next to you on the bed, and turn you onto your back. I take a few moments to look at your body, how great it is..
Our eyes meet, and I know what I want to do next. I lean in and kiss you. My lips had been dying to do this all night, but somehow having hubby in the room kept me from it. We kiss, tenderly at first. Our lips opening just enough to brush our tongues against each other. This is the most wonderful feeling, and as we continue to kiss, it becomes deeper and more passionate. Before I know it, we are kissing hard and our tongues are exploring with urgency. I back my head away and look at you. We take a few breaths, and smile at each other. We kiss some more, but just single, gentle kisses now….I kiss your face, and your neck, and start to move towards your chest.. I sit up facing you, and cupping one breast in each hand, I lean down and suck gently on each nipple for a second. They come to life and you close your eyes. Mental note, she has great nipples, and likes them kissed. I start to focus on one breast at a time, licking it, kissing it, teasing the nipple with the tip of my tongue. A moan escapes your lips…I feel another rush of wetness within myself. I could orgasm right now, just doing this….
As my mouth is exploring one breast, my free hand is tracing gentle circles around the nipple of the other. Suddenly, your husband it there. He moves my hand, and begins to suck your other breast. As we are both sucking, you throw your head back and let out a true groan of pleasure. Your husband reaches over, taking my hand under his, and begins to move my hand towards your wetness. I make him stop just as we pass over the pubic hair. We linger there, applying pressure for just a few moments. I know this will increase the blood flow to the area even more, and heighten the sensation for you.

As we are paused there, your husband is now kissing your mouth. You are locked in a tight passionate kiss. I slip my hand from his, and move myself to the lower part of the bed. I straddle you once more, now being able to see your totally nude body. I gently rub my fingers along the outside of your thighs…you jump a little, startling hubby who has his head buried between your breasts. “Time to go Jack” I say to him…he makes a brief pout face, and then winks…He goes back to his chair.

I move myself over you, holding myself up on my arms, I begin kissing you on the chest, taking my time, again sucking on each nipple. and licking it a bit with my tongue. I lick my way down your stomach; teasing a bit I kiss around your belly button…
I crawl myself down between your legs, and begin kissing your inner thighs…
You lay back, and put your arms above your head on the pillow…The submissiveness of this gesture lets me know that I am free to do as I please, …

What happens next?

You’ll have to wait and find out in person….

SweetSouthrnGrl 44F

9/29/2005 1:08 pm

Oh goodness!!!
What a wonderful blog entry!!!

I am speechless...wet...aroused...twisted all up!

Thanks for adding some spice to my afternoon.

Sweetest thoughts,

stepup2me 58M  
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10/3/2005 5:40 pm

WOW!That is exciting!Stepup2me

hudsonvalleylove 65M

10/24/2005 6:53 am

Hi PlumpPlaymate Very erotica fantasy, sorry the AdultFriendFinder meetings haven't lived up to it. I must have a calling as a masseur because your techniques describe very closely the way I love to touch a womans body, especially the soft sides near the breasts. But most importantly the soft skin of the upper thighs and the feeling of the heat from a warming pussy are the most erotica feelings you can have especially with a first time lover. Its also great to need a towel to clean your face because its soaked with a womans nectar. Don't give up on AdultFriendFinder have only chatted and meet with good people.

bottleredhead 48F
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1/19/2006 3:54 pm

OMG you have got to get in touch with me

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