And then you go and spoil it all by doing something stupid!  

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6/7/2006 9:46 pm

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6/25/2006 2:39 pm

And then you go and spoil it all by doing something stupid!

It's human nature, we have all said or done something that we regret and yet we continue to do it! We then spend hours, days, weeks wishing that we could turn back the hands of time to make a wrong a right. You wish you could go to sleep, wake up the next morning and have everything be different, but you can't. To no avail, we end up hurting not only the wronged, but also ourselves.

It's so hard to own up to our mistakes. Our egos are part of the problem. Self-esteem, you know? You're not paying attention to something, and then you realize that you're going to look stupid as you'd just silly, ignored a factor that was obvious from the start. It happens, you know? Or sometimes, you're just stuck, trapped in a corner, thinking in a box.

It gets worse when someone gets hurt by your mistake. You senselessly hurt a loved one by ignoring an obvious need of theirs. Whatever, you didn't do it on purpose. And I, just like everyone (wait, is that a rationalization itself?!), make a whoooole lot of mistakes.

Anyway the point is: Don't rationalize. Don't justify. Step up and own reality. It is what it is. Even our screw ups. Sometimes we have to go beyond the word sorry and admit the mistake.

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