This really turned me on, so i thought id share it!!!!!  

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This really turned me on, so i thought id share it!!!!!

It was going to be another one of those boring meetings.
Having to fly down early in the morning. The project meeting
would last all day and then, even if we finished on time,
I still wouldn’t be able to get back home. The Project directors
always book those flying in, into a hotel just in case things
run over.

The meeting was the same old stuff, except for the appearance
of a cute red head. It was the only thing keeping me awake
during the meeting, although I confess I wasn’t thinking
about the proceedings.

She was a wee beauty. Long shoulder length vivid red hair,
pale skin. I could tell she was slender, and what an accent:
Scottish! What a result, does that mean she’d be staying
over in the hotel?

Eventually the meeting was over. I kind of followed her
out of the conference room and out of the building. She was
taller than I’d thought, slim legs and a great ass too. Yes!
She was heading towards the hotel. I caught up with her and
introduced myself properly. Her name was Jenny and she
was from Scotland. It made sense and I don’t think I was being
pushy, when I suggested we met for dinner.

We didn’t even bother changing at the hotel but just dumped
our things and met in the restaurant.
She was great company but it became very apparent that I
wouldn’t be getting my leg over (or so I thought). She talked
on and on about her husband, how they had only been married
six months, she told me about her honeymoon, how they were
trying to have a baby. She wasn’t boring, just besotted.

Ah well, at least I had pleasant, attractive company for
dinner. I hate eating on my own in restaurants.

We had managed to get through a couple of bottles of wine
by the end of the meal (don’t you just love being on expenses?)
and it was still early. Too early for bed? I enquired. I was
a bit tipsy and suggested we go for a drink somewhere.

“How about dancing?” was her reply. She was clearly thawing
out a bit, the wine I guess.

I asked the waiter if he knew somewhere nearby that we could
dance. He laughed and suggested a place just around the
corner. He said it was pricey but definitely fun.

That’ll do us, I thought. It was pricey too, 15 quid each.
I insisted on paying as I didn’t want her changing her mind.
It was a funny old place, very dark but the music was good.
There seemed to be way more guys than girls but it looked
like fun. We grabbed a couple of drinks at the bar and were
soon up on the dance floor. She was a great little mover too.
It seemed acceptable to eye her up a bit as she moved, she
looked good in her skirt suit. We must have looked a right
pair dancing away in our suits.

We were dancing away when the volume of the music died away
and a light came on at the end of the room. It was a little stage.
A well dressed man came out and said it was time for the first
act. Jenny and I laughed at each other, was that why it was
so expensive? We’d come to some kind of cabaret bar.

He introduced her as Clara and a huge cheer went up from the
crowd. I guess everyone else must have been regulars.

An absolutely stunning blonde walked out on to the stage.
She was wearing a long silk robe and wasted no time in starting
to dance. Jenny and I were pissing ourselves, we’d come
to a strip club! That’s what the waiter had been laughing

Clara started to strip. It was one of the sexiest dances
I have ever seen in my life. I was so entranced I forgot all
about Jenny. This blonde must have been a gymnast at some
time. She stripped until she was totally naked and then
put herself into some incredible positions. Facing away
from the crowd she would bend over and lay her hands flat
on the floor. She would sit facing the crowd and put her legs
behind her neck! Then she posed in what were clearly sex
positions. When she got on all fours, placing her knees
wide apart. I swear I saw lips of her sex open: glistening
in the light of the stage. I am surprised no one jumped up
on stage and tried to fuck her right there.

It was quite simply the most erotic thing I had ever seen
in my life.

After the dance the lights dimmed and the music turned up
again. Jenny and I walked to the bar in silence. Ok, I limped
to the bar due to the raging hard on I had in my trousers. Jenny
looked a bit flushed too. Was it embarrassment or was she
aroused too?

On the way over to the bar the well dressed man came up to us.
He explained that he was the manager. He was probably around
50, good looking in a rugged kind of way. He explained that
they had VIP areas for special guests and he was offering
one to us. He explained that they were normally for the high
rollers but we could have one for free. He didn’t like to
see too many of them empty.

I had noticed curtained areas around the outside of the
dance floor. I was a bit hesitant, I mean, I didn’t really
know what is involved.

“The lady will get a better view, and she wont get bothered
by any of the young men here, and… it’s the male stripper
next” He explained with a wink.

“You also get your own private waitress so you don’t have
make your own drinks.”

Well we couldn't refuse that. He led us behind a curtained
alcove at the side of the room. It was very plush. There was
a large settee, a large TV, a minibar. He sat us down and said
our waitress would be with us shortly.

We were poking around looking at things when Clara walked
in. She was back into her stage clothes and robe. Clara was
our waitress?

She fixed us some drinks from the bar and then asked us if
we would like a private dance. I was absolutely gob smacked
but couldn’t help but nod my head.
She did a version of the same strip she had done on stage.
Except when she bent over and exposed her beautiful ass,
it was right in my face! I could see her glistening pussy,
I could smell her juices!

She didn’t just dance for me though. Jenny got the same treatment.
It was beautiful to watch this stunning, leggy blonde expose
herself so intimately to the equally sexy Jenny. Jenny
couldn’t hide it, she was loving it, she was as turned on
as I was.

Clara finished her routine by sitting on my lap. She could
obviously tell I had a raging hard-on. She laughed and stood
up looking at my lap. Some of the wetness from her pussy had
rubbed off onto my trouser leg. She rubbed it away commenting
that she was “just so horny tonight”.

“Are you going to do anything with that?” she asked pointing
to the very obvious bulge in my trousers.

“What?” jenny feebly replied whilst looking at my crotch.

“Your husbands cock”

“He’s not my husband, we only just met today.”

Clara laughed, “you’ve only just met, that’s brilliant.
Do you mind If I do something with it then?”

Jenny shook her head.

I couldn’t believe it. I don’t know which was turning me
on more, the fact that this beautiful blonde was reaching
into my trousers or the fact that Jenny was still there watching.

She pulled my cock out and started to give me a wonderful
wank. Jenny was silent but was watching intently.

Clara began to suck on my cock. Slowly working on me until
I was in the back of her throat. I saw Jenny shift a little
on the settee beside me, her tongue flicked quickly across
her lips.

Clara’s hand reached out and started stroking Jenny’s
knee, then slowly worked up her leg until it was disappearing
into her skirt. Jenny’s eyes closed, I guessed as Clara’s
fingers reached her pussy. There was a bit of fumbling and
then I saw Clara’s hand tugging Jenny’s panties down her

She stopped sucking me for a second and used both hands to
remove Jenny’s panties completely, she pushed Jenny’s
skirt up around her thighs, exposing the cutest little
ginger pussy I have ever seen.

Her mouth was back on my cock as I watched her play with Jenny’s
pussy. I caught Jenny’s eye and could see the look of fear
in them, the fear that she couldn’t stop herself from what
was happening.
Clara stopped sucking on my cock and pulled her fingers
out of Jenny’s pussy.

“Are you sure you don’t want some of this” she said to Jenny.

Jenny stood up slowly and knelt down in front of me. She briefly
looked up into my eyes, then her hand reached out and grasped
my cock. She began to stroke me, Clara’s saliva helping
to slide her hand up and down me. Then her gorgeous red head
dipped and I could feel her tongue flicking over my cock,
then the delicious sensation as her warm mouth surrounded
me. I tried to hold her red mane out of the way, I wanted to
see this beautiful young wife with my cock in her mouth.

Her cock sucking style was different but she was still great.
She used her hand more and wanked me as her mouth worked on
the head of my cock. It was exquisite.

Clara began to undress her. Unbuttoning her blouse and
pulling it off. Sliding her skirt down over her thighs and
over her feet. Her bra came off next, revealing a pert pair
of stunning tits, the nipples slightly raised with arousal.

Jenny’s mouth never stopped sucking on my cock as Clara’s
hands explored her. Stroking her back and buttocks, reaching
below her to hold and then squeeze those beautiful breasts.
Jenny’s nipples being coaxed harder by the slight tweak
of Clara’s fingers.

I watch as Clara sat back behind Jenny,

“God you’ve got a beautiful cunt” she tells her. I see her
hand reach out and she is stroking Jenny’s pussy.

“Oh, and so tight too”, Clara must have her fingers inside
Jenny’s pussy.

I can see Jenny rotating her hips in answer to the fingers
that are pushing inside her.

I can’t believe it myself, it’s like the best porn movie
in the world. Except, I’m in it! I have the cutest, red headed
young wife in the world sucking my cock whilst I watch an
equally gorgeous blonde bend down and start to lick her

And it gets even better.

Carla stands up and comes to me, she kisses me full on the
mouth, her tongue passing Jenny’s juices to me. The taste
is exquisite. Carla now climbs on top of me, facing away.
I feel a slight draught on my wet cock as the warm mouth pulls
off, only to be replaced by Carla’s warm wet pussy.

Fucking heaven!

Carla has impaled her self on me, she’s not fucking me though,
she just has me buried ball deep in her cunt.

“That’s it baby, lick that clit.”

I can’t see but Jenny must be using her tongue on Carla. Oh,
fuck I want to watch.

Have you ever wanted to be everywhere at once? I wanted to
be watching what was going on, I wanted to be wanking over
the scene, I wanted to be fucking little Jenny from behind
and I wanted Clara right where she was.

Clara began to fuck me, sliding her wet pussy up and down
my shaft. I could feel a tongue licking me as my cock slid
out of that blonde pussy. If I wasn’t careful I was going
to blow right there and then. I so wanted to fuck jenny though.

Suddenly the curtain moved. Fuck! It was the manager!

He barely batted an eye.

“Well Clara, nice to see you looking after the customers.”

“It’s what I get paid for.”

“Yeah, but these two are on a freebie.”

She just laughed, “Well you’re not stopping me now”.

He moved out of my view. Clara’s bouncing body was between
the manager and me.

“She’s a little beauty isn’t she? Just look at that little

“And she’s tight”. Clara says as she slides off my cock.
It’s immediately replaced by a very eager, young mouth.

I can’t see what is going on but I can hear them. I don’t want
this man here. This was supposed to be my fun.

“Fuck, she is tight”.

The bastard must have his fingers in Jenny’s pussy. There
wasn’t even a break in rhythm as she continued to suck me

“Let’s see just how tight she is after this”

What was he going to do? Was he going to fuck Jenny? I wanted
to fuck her! He’d only met her 30 minutes ago, I’d known her
all day!!! This was not fair.

“Hey take it easy on her, she’s only little” said Carla.

I heard a very sexual grunt coming up from the mouth around
my cock. The bastard had slid his cock up Jenny’s pussy.
I could hear her groaning with each push now. Was it pain
or pleasure? I couldn’t tell.

I started to think about Jenny’s husband, I found myself
even more aroused. I wanted him to be able to see just how
his new, besotted, young wife was fucking and sucking two
relative strangers.

I heard a slap.

“Oh, you like that don’t you”

Another slap.

Clara lifts herself off me and for the first time I get a view
of Jenny being fucked. I see his big hand come down on her
cheeks again. They already look red. God, he is fucking
her hard, he has a hold of both cheeks now, digging his nails
in as he holds her to take the thrust. I almost feel sorry
for her, I’d never treat her body like that.

He looks up at me and said,

“Fuck, your wife’s got a tight cunt”, and winked at me. The
bastard! I didn’t bother putting him correct on the fact
that she was not my wife.

Her mouth finally gave up on my cock. I pull her hair out of
the way and see her eyes screwed shut. Her mouth is open and
with each hard stab of the cock into her, she groans. A deep,
sexual groan.

He’s going so hard and fast now that he’s got to cum. How her
little pussy could put up with that fucking I’ll never know.
He grabs her waist and I see him pull her onto him, he’s blowing
his load inside the young wife’s cunt. I think about her
telling me that she and her husband were trying to have a
baby. Christ, she could get pregnant.

As soon as he slumps back out of her, her mouth resumes sucking
my cock, fuck, she couldn’t get enough. I get a fright as
I see just what young Jenny has been taking. The guy was huge!
I now know what he meant when he said, “lets see how tight
she is after this”.

Her hand was now working really hard on me. Her mouth gripping
and sucking me. She was trying to finish me off too. I held
her head firm as I neared my orgasm…. And then I was cumming…
cumming down her throat. She took me even deeper and I could
feel her swallowing, swallowing everything I was giving

She was still greedily sucking and licking on my cock as
I went soft in her mouth. I stood up laughing. I pulled Jenny
to her feet. I thought she’d be laughing too but she wasn’t
even smiling. There was a far away look in her eyes and then
she looked around her. It was as if she had only just realised
where she was, what she had been doing.

Fortunately, before the spell was completely broken,
Clara stepped over and kissed Jenny on the mouth.

“Come on honey, you and I need to get off now.”

Clara led Jenny to the settee and laid her down on it. She
immediately climbed on top of her, placing her knees either
side of Jenny’ face. She lowered her lovely blonde pussy
down onto Jenny’s face. Bending forward she began to play
with Jenny’s pussy. Leaning further forward she began
to lick her clit.

What a beautiful sight. Two beautiful women desperately
trying to make each other cum. I walk around the two of them,
trying to view them from every angle. Willing my cock back
to hardness so I can fuck the beautiful Jenny.

I stand in front of Clara, she is rubbing furiously at Jenny’s
pussy and lapping at the cum leaking out of her hole. She
is playing with the managers cum as it drips out of Jenny’s
cunt. I have to admit it’s a very erotic sight. Clara puts
her hand around Jenny’s thigh and with a finger she teases
some more cum out of her pussy. She is stroking it down towards
Jenny’s anus and then works it inside her. Fuck, her pussy
looked tight but that little asshole looked even tighter.
I am starting to get harder.

“You want to fuck her”

“You want to fuck her, don’t you?” she asks me.

Clara takes my cock in her mouth once more and helps me back
to a full erection.

“Come on, get your cock in her little pussy”.

Finally - I was in that beautiful ginger pussy. She still
felt tight, she was wet and very messy. As I fucked her I couldn’t
get the thought of her little asshole out of my mind. Clara
was urging me on.

“That’s it, fuck her. Fuck her harder. Fuck that little
red pussy.”

With Clara’s encouragement and my own filthy thoughts
I began to near another orgasm. I look down at Clara rubbing
furiously at Jenny’s her clit. I decide I want to come over
her little anus.

I tried to hold it a long as I could. I felt the head of my cock
growing bigger, I was going to blow. I slipped out of her
and held the head of my cock firmly to Jenny’s anus. I hadn’t
intended to do any more than come over her asshole, but as
I let the first huge shot of my cum spurt out, it shot straight
into Jenny’s ass. Not just that, but I had been holding myself
so firmly that the tip of my cock slipped inside also. With
the second spurt, the head of my cock slipped into her. I
had Clara’s voice ringing in my ears as she encouraged me
to fuck Jenny’s ass. Jenny herself had arched her back up,
was she loving it? was she cumming too? Maybe, I was hurting
her? I didn’t care anymore. Spurt after spurt of my spunk
was shooting into her ass. With each spurt more of my cock
slipped up her.

I looked down as I finished cumming and saw that well over
half of my cock was buried in her ass. She was so tight I had
trouble getting my limp cock back out.

That had to be one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had. But all
of a sudden it was all over. Clara stood and kissed us both
before donning her robe.

“Fuck, you two are good”, she said laughing.

“You can come back anytime”.

With that she left through the curtain.

I sat on the settee exhausted. Jenny still didn’t say a word.
She started to gather up her things.

The absolute most erotic moment of the whole fuck fest was
when Jenny bent down to put her knickers back on. Her back
was to me and as she lifted her foot slightly I got a beautiful
view of my own cum leaking out of her tight asshole, a thin
rivulet of sperm dripping down the inside of her thigh.
What a fucking sight.

Jenny dressed quickly. I wasn’t sure how to deal with her.
She looked pretty dishevelled when she'd finished
dressing. Her hair was a mess, her lipstick was gone. She
looked like a woman who had just swallowed some cum, had
her pussy ravaged and been fucked in the ass.

As we left the little alcove, a round of applause went up
from the other customers. I felt really sorry for Jenny.
Nice little Jenny, who had only been married 6 months.

I never saw her again after that night. She had left the hotel
by the time I got up in the morning. I later found out that
she’s requested a transfer off of our project.

I don’t mind the trip to the city anymore. I’m always hoping
I’ll find another Jenny.

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I do love to hear these things

You write so well

silky x

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