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8/8/2005 4:51 am

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I just want to see how people feel about threesomes. Obviously the men will say having 2 women is brilliant, but which do the ladies prefer, 2 men or a man and woman. I havn't experienced either, but hope to in the future. I reckon that, as a man, having two women, in theory, would be brilliant. But it would take a lot to satisfy 2 women at once especially if they are not into each other. I suppose the ideal would be 2 bi women who would enjoy a mans body as well as each others.
The 2 men and i woman combination would i believe (correct me if i am wrong ladies) be great for the lady as she would have double the fun. As soon as one guy has cum another is there to take over and she would have a hard cock continuously.
Would i be right in assuming this??
Any thoughts people??
Experiences that you would like to share??


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