My Biggest Fantasy played out by others!! Enjoy Silky!!  

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My Biggest Fantasy played out by others!! Enjoy Silky!!

She was getting dressed to go to the mall. Alexandra decided
on a short, straight denim skirt with taupe thigh highs
to show off her long, slender legs. A soft faded denim blouse
buttoned halfway up over a tight, ribbed white tank top
with a lacy peach push up bra and matching thong underneath.
The skirt barely covered the thigh highs and an abundant
amount of cleavage was visible. She was in the mood to show
off her voluptuous body, with her thick auburn hair flowing
down her back and accentuating her piercing blue eyes,
she looked very sexy. Alex put on some perfume, mascara,
lipstick and blush, a long turquoise and silver necklace
with matching rings and bracelets, and a pair of navy blue
pumps with a denim jacket.
After arriving at the mall, she wandered in and out of a few
stores, but mostly went window shopping. Then Alexandra
got on the elevator to go to another level. There were about
ten people aboard and she was standing directly in front
of a very hot looking guy. He was about six feet tall, with
dark brown hair, hazel eyes, a gorgeous tan and smile. She
sensed an immediate (mutual) physical attraction and
decided to go for it. One of her favourite sexual fantasies
had always been to make it in an elevator with a total stranger,
and she was hoping today might be her lucky day.
So Alex drops her purse, then bends over to pick it up, making
sure this handsome guy gets a great view of her toned legs
and supple ass. While she is trying to stand back up, the
elevator screeches to a stop and Alexandra is thrown into
him. Feeling his rock hard erection pressing against her
bottom, she wiggles around a bit on it. Instead of stepping
away from him, she stays put, maintaining her position
until the last passenger departs. As the elevator starts
rising again, he reaches around her and, in between floors,
pulls the stop button.
He steps in front of Alexandra and assesses her body from
the ground up. When he gets to her face, they make eye contact
and she very seductively licks her full, glossy, rose-tinted
lips. While simultaneously slipping a hand between her
legs and up under her skirt, forcing him to feel her desire.
Quickly, the stranger moves toward this woman, who is obviously
teasing him, and pulls off her jacket. Taking Alex into
his strong arms and kissing her thoroughly on the lips,
their tongues dancing together in the heat of passion.
Bodies so close and hot, as she trails kisses down his face
and neck, stopping to nibble on his earlobe. He tears off
her denim shirt and runs his tongue down her neck to the top
of her ample bosom, which is peeking out of the tank top.
She frantically unbuttons the stranger's shirt and
pulls it off him. Then he grabs her ass, bringing her closer
to feel his rock hard cock between those luscious legs.
She gasps, amazed at his growing desire pressing against
her thigh. He pushes down her tank top and bra, revealing
her creamy white mounds topped with large pink aureolas.
Pressing them together, he caresses and licks those beautiful
breasts all over, causing a deep moan to escape from her
lips. When he takes the first nipple into his mouth, her
body begins to tremble. Then he heads for the other one,
nipping on it with his teeth before devouring it between
his lips. Making her nipples stand up seductively, begging
for more of his attention.
Alexandra then kneels down on the floor to take off his pants,
swiftly unzipping his fly and sliding his jeans down to
his ankles, noticing that he isn't wearing any underwear.
She moves in closer and begins licking his inner thighs
in a circular motion, while kneading his ass with her fingers.
Then she takes his balls into her mouth, gently sucking
on them as she strokes his cock. The beautiful stranger
lets out a moan that really turns her on, causing Alex to
pull her tank top up over her head and unhook her bra, shaking
it off and letting it fall to the floor.
Exposing her beautiful breasts to his eyes, she continues
teasing him by running her tongue along his shaft, making
it all wet. Then she cups both breasts in her hands and licks
each nipple, making them more erect before slowly rubbing
them up and down the entire length of his cock, causing shock
waves to course through his body. Enveloping his shaft
with her breasts and jiggling them up and down on it while
flicking her tongue back and forth across the tip. Teasing
and taunting him. He gets down on his knees in front of her
and begins licking and sucking on her nipples again, driving
her wild with desire. Alex pulls him closer to her and starts
sucking on his shoulder.
Alexandra flutters her tongue all over his chest, stopping
to nibble on his nipples. Then licks down the centre of his
stomach, lower and lower till she reaches his tumescent
cock. She cups his balls in one hand while engulfing his
rod with her mouth, sucking it all the way in and back out
to the head... very slowly and sensuously. She looks up,
aware of the animal lust in his eyes, making her want him
more. So Alex grabs his ass, pushing him deeper into her
mouth as he watches her head bob up and down on his prick,
faster and faster.
The stranger pulls his cock out of Alexandra's mouth,
stands her up and slips off her panties. Then he lies down
on the floor, pulling her down on top of him in a 69 position,
placing her pussy over his face. He parts her lips with his
fingers, and licks up her juices as she lowers her mouth
back onto his cock again. While he's sucking on Alex's
clit, she swirls her tongue around his dick and sucks it
in and out of her mouth. He grabs her clit between his teeth
and tugs on it as she grinds her pussy into his face, feeling
the first waves of orgasm rush over her body as she moans
and starts to shudder.
The stranger lifts Alexandra off of him and stands up, pushing
her against the wall as he hikes up her skirt. He spreads
her legs and picks her up by the thighs, plunging his hard
cock deep inside her with an incredible urgency. Alex gasps
and contracts her muscles around his hardness, pulling
him all the way in. While her hands are clawing at his back,
he's fucking her wildly, their bodies moving in perfect
sync. Exploring his mouth with her tongue, holding on to
him tighter and grinding her pussy down on his pole as he
continues thrusting harder and faster. Sensing his impending
orgasm, she flexes her muscles around his cock as he shoots
his heavy load deep inside her, triggering her own release.
Both of them moaning loudly and out of breath as waves of
pleasure wash over them.
With his cock still hard, the stranger lifts Alexandra
off of him and tells her to get down on all fours, which she
immediately does. He kneels behind her and enters again
from the back. Grabbing Alex's hips and piercing her
pussy harder and harder, both of them desperately working
toward another, much needed release. She grinds back into
him as he fucks her deeper, gripping his erection with her
muscles. They keep going at it till both of them explode
in another mind shattering orgasm, lying there spent on
the floor for what seems like an eternity, panting and sweating.
Finally, they stand up and get dressed. He releases the
stop button and the elevator goes to the next floor. Alexandra
steps off and turns around.
The stranger winks at her as the elevator doors close...

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