The Problems w/ Internet Dating Sites...  

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8/17/2005 3:39 am

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The Problems w/ Internet Dating Sites...

I have come to the conclusion based upon firstly, my impatience for certain people to read/respond to their emails - and secondly the time it takes me to write emails to "break the ice" over the actual ratio of women responding to me in a timely fashion; that internet dating (or whatever one happens to be looking for off a particular website) is an unproductive and unfulfilling waste of time and personal expense. People ARE busy in their lives - but that taken into account, they should place their live profiles on hiatus ntil they have more time, or not bother at all!

Not to mention the plethora of navigation problems on some websites such as: logging in initially and checking a little box which is supposed to keep one logged in for the entire time he is on the site (until such a time that he/she decides to logout) - only to find that halfway through a page, the system hangs, asks you to sign in again - and after doing so, doesn't remember what you have previously inputted - or asking you to subscribe to features that you already have as you have the highest membership to the site possible etc.

On one site I subscribe to - the selection of people rarely changes for my area and the sign-up date or last time logged in is not an available feature of the membership so one really has no idea if the person they're initiating contact with has been online on that site in years, if the account is only "technically open", or how long it has been since their account had seen activity (maybe an update or something - wouldn't that be splendid if that happened?)

I mean - how hard would it be to cancel a profile after so many months of non-activity, or for the user to do an occasional update on his/her profile - or actually mean it when they say they are looking for something, which they are not (this recently happened to me). In any case...the main issue for me is the amount I pay in US dollars (being Canadian), for the lack of working websites, shoddy amounts of response to emails sent out - and the part aforementioned about meaning it when he/she says they are looking for something, which they are not or do not do anything about in a timely fashion - what a waste of time for all involved! We are NOT monkeys people! Are we?

Now - one of the arguements I have heard repetitively is that there are certain safety concerns which have to be met. And for the most part I agree. BUT...a public meeting at a coffee shop in a largely populated place at 2 in the afternoon is a pretty safe place to be! And, that's all it takes to find out if you're compatible or not with someone. Problem is: people will not take this risk, much less come fuck you at your apartment right off the net.

Now - there are limitations to this: I for one do not drive a car, nor do I even have or want one. However, that being said - public transportation has its merits, but I will NOT travel on it after dark, and I will NOT go alone to parts of the city I'm unfamiliar with. I am also in a position where for the moment I cannot "entertain" at my place of residence. which of course throws another curveball into this game we as web-daters play.

But - the one standard item remains: one needs a partner in order to initiate such things and like many aspects of life - the chance to obtain such a partner seem much easier (through advertisments like " today's hottest 50 members", click here!) - than they really are...

Thoughts please...


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