The Morning After  

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12/24/2005 11:44 am

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The Morning After

Ahhh yes... Nothing like waking up the morning after a truly great sex romp. Especially an "anniversary" romp. Granted it only being the anniversary of the first sexual encounter it's as good an excuse as any to have some fun. It starts out with actual love making. Slow and intense. Looking down into his eyes as i grind my pussy on his cock followed by passionate kisses until a uproarious orgasm. We lay next to each other mildly spent but ready for round two. He wants a little time to rest but I'm ready to get dirty again... I begin to pout and whine that I am not getting my way. Immediately I am flipped over onto my stomach and given a good spanking for talking back. I never seem to learn my lesson.... Next thing my hands are tethered above my head and I am blindfolded. He tells me he is going to teach me a lesson I won't forget this time. Hi kisses down my neck to my nipples teasing and biting each one until I am moaning with pleasure. Slowly easing down to the "holy grail". Alternating licks with nibbling I soon find my self on the verge of orgasm when it all stops. The room falls quiet and I wonder if I am alone. A familiar humming fills my ears as vibrations begin to flow through my groin. Weaknesses revealed as the vibrator teases against my clit and I am straining to cum. Denied yet again... Pt.2 to follow...

bullit6690 54M
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12/24/2005 12:34 pm

Can't beleive he doesn't have the strengh to finish what he started. U could do the vib by yourself.

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