Vacation, all I ever wanted ...  

PillsburyCodeBoy 60M
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10/12/2005 4:47 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Vacation, all I ever wanted ...

... vacation, got to get away!

I have a few days off this week, so beginning tomorrow, I'm going to be out of town. We're going to Odessa, in West Texas, to visit relatives.

Days off can be deadly for my diet and exercise plan if I let them, so I won't. I'm taking my bike with me. The terrain is flat and the climate dry out there, so I'm looking forward to biking. Also, I have plans to visit an aikido dojo in Midland. I don't know if I'll actually workout, but at the least, it will be an interesting experience to observe how another dojo operates.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll have a lot to blog about when I get back. I'll see you all in a few days. Have a great weekend!

caressmewell 53F

10/12/2005 6:25 am

Have a safe and fun trip!

cajunpet 70M
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10/12/2005 2:57 pm

Hope you have a great time.

Take care.
Keep On Blogging!!!! Have a great day.

Cajun Pet

rm_pootle47 58F

10/12/2005 3:45 pm

You can take exercise and diet to extremes you know. A day or two off will just leave you more fired for it when you get home.

I got quite excited for you when I read Odessa, then I saw Texas after it. I love American names, they say so much about the original inhabitants of places don't they?

Have heaps of fun and come back bouncy. xxx

rm_beaujelais 59F

10/12/2005 4:45 pm

Ohhhhhh! Do try to take in a Friday night football game. You are, afterall, going to the high school football mecca ... Sit in the top of the bleaches as far away from the press box as possible. And if it's windy out there, it's probably cold.

Take a blanket.

berrigal2 61F

10/13/2005 6:43 am

I used to work at a radio station and I enjoyed watching the games from the press boxes. Such excitement! Interviews, comments, (things that went on and were said off the air..lmao) and lotsa FREE food. Thanks for the memory jog beau.

I hope you enjoy your vacation PCB. I envy you.

rm_Purloynd 58M/60F

10/14/2005 2:25 pm

Have fun Pills. Not sure where you are leaving from but wave if you even get close...close is within 200 miles in Texas.

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