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6/20/2005 8:26 am

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... that is, one week since I started this blog, and one week since you started reading it. If the member statistics when I just now logged on are accurate, approximately 0.00001% of you have looked at my blog last since week. That’s better than I expected! Thank you.

Quietly removing my tongue from my cheek now ...

I had a pretty good Father’s Day. For once, I didn’t have to choose between being my father’s son and being my son’s father. I got to be both.

Things haven’t always gone so well between me and my dad. He was always the boss wherever he worked, and he had a hard time turning that role off when he came home. Let’s just say I was never Employee of the Month at home. Not even close.

Things got better after I moved away and better still after he retired. I’ve never seen anyone adjust so well to retirement. He took up computers, and in no time at all he went from knowing nothing about them to being able to open them up and replace their innards. Today he knows more about computers than most of the people I work with who have had one on their desks for ten years. He says, “Retiring was the best career move I ever made.” I can’t help liking that attitude.

However your Father’s Day went, I hope you had a nice weekend.

berrigal2 61F

6/20/2005 8:54 am

Thanks for sharing your nice Father's Day with us Pillsbury.

"I didn’t have to choose between being my father’s son and being my son’s father. I got to be both." That is a profound statement!

I thought about it when I read it and realized that the reason I didn't enjoy this weekend so much is that I never get to be the ADULT daughter of my father. Whenever I enter his presence I am the 5 year old again that can't do anything right and should be silent when adults are talking. Gezzz!

I am glad you were able to enjoy your son and dad.

PillsburyCodeBoy 60M

6/20/2005 9:49 am

I've been there, too, Berri. Many, many times.

I know someday you'll become that adult daughter.

In the meantime, we adult kids have to stick together, don't we?

Sending big hugs your way ...

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