Her fantasy comes true (A Long Day at the Office part III)  

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Her fantasy comes true (A Long Day at the Office part III)

I just left his office. “Wow! What a wonderful time we had”, my lady thinks to herself.
I worked hard to satisfy her at the office. She sitting in the car at a red light, still quivering in ecstasy from the orgasms she had. Something is on her mind. She’s plotting. I could tell as she walked out the door to the car that she wasn’t done with me for the evening.

She was sitting at the red light with thoughts running through her mind which made her start breathing deeply. She puts her hand inside of her coat and caresses her already harden nipples. She fondles her own breast as she squeezes her nipple between her two fingers. This sends her heart beat racing in excitement and spills her juices all between her legs. She is thinking to herself that she should turn around and go back to the office, but she’s on a mission so she continues the drive home.

By this time she’s flowing with excitement as she runs her hand down her stomach stopping momentarily to play with the patch of hair just below her navel. She loves the feel of her nails scratching away at the hair. Each stroke she reaches a bit lower and lower until her finger just barely caresses the tip of her clit. Quickly she tightens her legs around her hand as this quickly reminds her body of the epic feelings that she’s still trying to recover from. Soon she relaxes her legs to allow her finger to rub her special spot of joy. As she starts to play she notices that she drives faster as she rubs faster. “I best slow down”, she thought as she wouldn’t want to explain to the officer that she was speeding because she was playing with herself. Let alone explain why she’s in her car in nothing more than a long coat. But this doesn’t stop her from pleasuring herself as she drives home.

She slides down in her seat just enough so that her fingers can penetrate her. A moan of excitement as she runs her fingers deep between her thighs. She’s dripping all over her fingers. She doesn’t even realize or maybe just doesn’t care about the wet spot on her jacket that’s forming as her juices running in between her fingers and down her hand. You can see the excitement in her face and if you pay attention you can see her soft breast between the opening of the coat. Matter a fact someone does. It’s the passenger of the car next to her. You could tell that the guy told everyone else in the car as the guy look at her with smiles like a kid going to the candy store. This only makes her hotter knowing someone is watching. She shifts a little just to expose herself a little more. They guys are honking their horn now. She knows that if their buddies weren’t there, they’d be wanking off over the sight of her. Now her orgasm is sitting right on the edge ready to jump overboard. If this continues she’s going to bust and in the heat of it all fears she may loose control of the car because of the lost of control within herself so she pulls out so to focus on the drive home.

She finally makes it to the front door where she pulls up and parks. What is usually a short trip seems to have taken forever. She hurries and catches her composure and closes the jacket so she can walk in the house somewhat unnoticed. She gets to the door in such a hurry that she’s fumbling with the keys. Almost as if she were drunk. FINNALLY! She’s in the house and immediately disrobes so she can finish what she started in the car. She grabs her toys and jumps on the coach and lays back to pleasure herself. She inserts her toy and just as it gets deep within her she arches her head back the phone rings. Her first instinct is to was to leave it be. But what if it’s me? She’d want me to hear what I’m missing. So she stops in mid stroke to pick up the phone. But it wasn’t me who was calling.

It was her friend. They were going to hang out today and she forgot. She was already on her way over. Oh, how embarrassing this could turn out to be. She starts scrambling trying to clean up. Running up stairs trying to get appropriately dressed and hide any evidence of her having fun with herself. And no sooner does she run downstairs the doorbell rings. She opens the door to her friend who she invites right in. Her friend noticed a glow about her that she doesn’t always notice and asked her how her day was going. She just smiled and replied that she had visited her man at the office and just enjoyed the visit. Now of course this made her friend even more curious because she knew that smile wasn’t just an “I ate lunch with my lover” type of smile. So her friend probed until she gave in and told her friend about the office trip.

The two started preparing a dinner for her man while her friend expressed a wish something as exciting could happen in her sex life. She started thinking that she always wanted to do something different that she hasn’t done for him yet. So she asked her friend what she thought about having a threesome with her man. Now the friend was a bit hesitant at first, but then thought that it may fun. So they started talking about what they could do or would do to him when he got home from work. At one point her friend had admitted to her fantasy about wanting to have sex with another woman. The excitement in the air started to rise between the two of them as they started to wonder. They both looked in to each other’s eyes with the same idea on the mind.

Her friend steps in an attempt to see if she could get a kiss. There was no resistance as their lips met between them. You could almost feel the heat between the two of them starting to get warmer in their newly discovered passion. She pulled her friend close to her by her belt so that their breast touched ever so softly. Their kiss became even more passionate as their tongues slipped between their lips where they met in a bit of enthusiasm. The moisture laced their lip in wetness which caused something else to become wet as well. Her friend reached around her and grabbed by the waist and pulled her ever so close. They could feel each other’s heart beating faster and faster as the kiss became more and more passionate.

She reached down and started to unbutton her friend’s blouse, exposing her bra. You could see nipples stand erect through the. She broke lips with her friend to slowly ease her way down while with one hand, removing the only thing that was keeping her tongue and breast apart. As the bra dropped to the floor she engaged in wrapping her lips around her friend breast and she sucked them deeply as she flicked the nipples with her tongue. Her friend grabber her by the back of the head and pulled her in tight, as if to smother her with the feelings that overwhelmed her body.

She ran her hands down her friends back, grazing ever so lightly. Her friend’s head arched back as she exhaled in relief. Her shirt floated with ease as her friend pulled it from over her back. Both now standing topless and looking at each other like a kid does a newly wrapped present. They both grab at each others pants trying to see the present within.

Panties and pants drop to the floor and they quickly embrace in obsession, rubbing bare bodies, pressing nipples against the others, and rubbing cleanly shave kitties together. Her friend grabs her by the ass and starts to play in her fluids that start to dribble down the inside of her thigh. Then this lady tells her to hop up on the kitchen counter. As soon as she does, her friend starts to trace the curves of her body with the tip of her tongue ever so gently. Slowly passing down her left breast flicking her nipple ever so delicately and then trapping it within her lips her friend blows a cool breeze upon the moisture left by her tongue. The friend then kisses under her breast and nibbles at her ribs. The next stop was her stomach where the bellybutton was a pool for the tongue to dive in. As her friend inched her way done you could see her excitement as she took a deep breath and grabbed a handful of her friend’s hair. Spreading her legs apart and raising them slightly off the counter top to allow ease of access to her now drooling womanhood.

Now they both had admitted about the interest of having sex with another woman, but both also stated that this was their first time. Now how good it felt as her friend’s lips touched her lips down there, you wouldn’t guess it was her first time. The warm breeze from the breathing heated her whole body up and made her juices flow freely on to her friend’s lips. Once her friend got a taste of the pleasures flowing from within, she dove deep in face first. Her friend lapped at her wetness like a thirsty dog does to its water bowl. This made her moan and grown with pleasure that she would have never would have expected she could get from another woman.

As she neared her orgasm, her legs tightened around her friend’s head as she cocked her head back and screamed with pleasure as she release a flowing river of pussy juice all over her friends face. Her friend looked up, as her face glistened from the cum that covered here and asked if she liked it. She express how good it was that they were going to have to do this more often. But as always she wasn’t done. It’s like the orgasm didn’t drain her, but energized her to do even more. She exclaimed to her friend to wait right where she was as she ran out the kitchen in a hurry.

When she returned she was wearing a strap on toy much to her friend’s surprise. She explained that I got it for her as a gag gift to express when I felt she was fucking me around. But the explanation fell on deaf ears as her friend was just wanting to know what she was about to do with that nice looking cock hanging from her hips. Now she usually liked it rough but wanted to be the one being rough so she said, “Bitch, I’m gonna fuck you four ways to senseless!”. I guess there was something about a woman being told about how she was going to be fucked, because her friend just started to smile.

As she walked over she told her friend to get on her knees like a good little bitch. Being called a bitch excited her very much. She always wanted to be someone’s little bitch. So she got on her knees as she was told.

Eyes wide her friend stared at the strapped on cock that was headed towards her lips. As she walked forward she told her friend that she was going to put her dick deep down her throat. Her friend became even hornier and her pussy started to drip like a leaky faucet as she opened her mouth to accept this cock. The friend was going to suck that cock like she was a professional hooker. She grabbed her friend by the back of the head in one hand and the shaft of the strap pleasure in the other. First she teased her friend by only allowing the tip of the head touch her friend’s lips and tongue, but after a couple of taps she pushed the head to the back of her friend’s throat.

Her friend immediately grabbed two hands full of ass and pulled forcing the dick down the back of her throat to the point where she couldn’t breathe, held it there, and then pulled her head back. As the cock came out of her friend gasped for air as spit strung from her lips to the cock, and then back in again. She was right! Her friend was a good little bitch. She gave head like a well trained and seasoned hooker that knew all the ends and out of her craft. Watching the lips pass over the shaft of her joy-toy bought a tingle to her twat and made her knees week. She now kind of knew the excitement men get out of blowjobs. The empowerment of control was enough to make her cream her pants if she were wearing any. She grabbed a fist full of hair and started directing her friends action with a little bit of force and even more authority, to which her friend seemed more and more responsive to every little bit.

“Get up bitch!” she proclaimed while pulling her head back by her hair. “Yes baby”, was the response in a light whisper. She followed with, “You want this dick! You know you want it, don’t you? Tell me how much you want this dick in you.” To which her friend started to beg for the dick. She turned her friend around and bent her over the counter top. Then she leaned over placing her face to face with a pretty round ass. She stuck out her tongue so that she could allow it to swim in the depths of the waters running wildly down her friend’s legs. At first the stretched trying to reach the clit but only got a mouth full of juices all over her face. Looked like a small kid trying to drink from a fountain, tongue out and wetness everywhere. She then moved back using her tongue to split the beautiful and wet pussy lips apart until she made it to the water faucet that was leaking. She then started tongue fucking her friend. Her friend threw her head up and arched her back as her body agreed with the sensations running through her body.

Finally she starts to work her way up the crack to lick her ass leaving a little bit of natural lubricant in place just before she stands erect again. One ass cheek in one hand and cock in the other she starts smacking that ass with her cock. Her friend exhales an excited groan as her body is expecting…. No wanting, damn near begging for penetration. Her friend reaches around and grabs the other cheek and begs for that dick in her ass. She spits on her cock and then inserts the head slowly. Her friends ass looks like it was ready for this and the cock slides deeper and deeper until it’s completely inside.

“You know that’s what you want huh!” she exclaimed as she smacked her ass to which her friend replied “YES!” as she balled her fist from the sensation of being fucked from behind. Back and forth the cock goes as she slaps her friend’s ass. She reaches forward and grabs a hand full of hair like I usually do her. Now she understood why I start getting ‘happy’ with my strokes as I do this very thing. Something about the animal magnitude of it all. It’s so over powering that in a very stern voice she asks her friend, “Whose pussy is this?!?!” Her friend screams, “It’s yours baby, take it.”

She knew her friend wanted to get fucked bad. So she pulls the strap-on out and slips it right between her lips. Her friend was so wet that it just slipped right in with ease and the very first stroke went deep. You could hear how it went straight for home when her friend screamed out “YES! Fuck me hard just like that!”

Well this is the part where I walk in…. But that’s another story….

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