A couple's playmate.  

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10/27/2005 12:00 am

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A couple's playmate.

Wow, I'm not one to jump from bed to bed, so don't think that. But for some reason, couples more often than not are asking me in to thier bedroom. It blows my mind because most of them are looking for a single lady and the ones that have given up on that are looking for a couple. Being a single male in the swinging world is almost pointless. Although I can't lie, as much as I like pleasing wives and girlfriends while the husband watches (which has been kind of a turn on), video/snap shots, or joins in (not to mention gives me the big head when she enjoyed it and she or the husband wants me to come back more) I wouldn't mind finding a woman for me that I can swing with. But I guess I'm on a train ride, I best enjoy the country side while I can because I was on another train (the ex) and it became a wreck on a cheap train. Now I'm ridding first class (with people tryin to pay my trips out just to get me to cum...er.. come).

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