Strange Tidings  

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5/16/2006 6:44 am

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Strange Tidings

Today, things just seem all fucked up. I woke up as I normally do on a non workout day showered and ate breakfast. I logged on to this ~friendly site~ and went for my morning constitutional through blogville. My first stop was at my own little shop of horrors. A few new always like that. Wow even got a new person to post. Hey Kaleidoscope's "How To" lessons How to pick up women on the blogs revised and revisited must be working. Well no time to sit around and dawdle I have places to go and posts to read.

My next stop brought me to NSAAddict's blog. Hmmmm looks like she is feeling down. Oh shit did she just suggest that she might stop blogging? again. Holy shit she did. Now my morning is fucked. I'm fucked. NSA is one of the reasons I started blogging and now there goes the carpet from under my feet, the wind from my sails...hell you get the picture or do I have to bring out the crayolas?

Okay I know a great many of us have been feeling like shit lately. Here in CT we haven't seen the sun in week...maybe longer. Anyway it is wet and miserable outside. Hell let's just say it is fucking soggy! Guess what...according to the local chimp reading the Doppler and the always accurate weather rock. Don't know what a weather rock is? Well maybe I'll save that for some other post. Well according to both of my sources it appears as if it is going to continue to rain right through the weekend. Guess what...I just got the email...someone from the International Federation of Building & Woodworkers wants to know what a cubit is!

Okay so it is soggy...I know I tend to repeat with it people. Things suck! Now I have to worry about my friend leaving blogville. Ain't gonna happen. Hear me girl? Yeah that's right you are staying put even if I have to staple your feet to the porch!

Tirade over...for now. Time to continue my walk. Well strolling around I see that it was a very slow night here. Now that is not too unusual but if you are a recent addition to the neighborhood, like I am, you tend to get a little antsy when the post count is down. Yes I am an addict and yes I am looking for a blog 12 step program. There I said it. Move along now there is nothing else to see here.

Okay so as I'm going along I am seeing a lot of Grey's Anatomy comments, some guy fussing with electronic devices while pretending to be Betty Fucking Crocker! Nothing wrong with that mind you but damn...this guy glows in bliss with every typed word. What else was there...oh yeah some reminiscing about past postings, anxiety issues, people up all night, woman confusing men (like that is anything new), yellow bus trips....

Strange thing was that I could not post on any of these blogs. Computer is working just fine. The brain, well it works but isn't fine and you all know that by now. So what the hell is going on. No witty quip, no pointed commentary...nothing, zip, zero, zilch. The mojo is gone. Hmmmm...maybe I'll try back later after I down a pot of coffee and snort the confectionery sugar off my donut.

As I said earlier...slow day here in fast paced blogville. I don't know what it is that is going on lately everywhere else but EVERYONE seems to be under the weather. No pun intended for those of you, like me, sitting out in the rain. So now I'm off like a dress after the prom to figure out how to stay dry, stay motivated, and convince NSA to stay put! So I'm back at my blog and have thrown up two posts to hopefully lighten the mood around here. Now what?

Another cup of java...check. Tunes....Mr. A-Z....check {side note...thanks Seriously_Real he IS an addictive motherfucker!}. Well I guess I need to earn a paycheck today so time to roll up the sleeves and get dirty.

NSAAddict 42F

5/16/2006 8:33 pm

I don't know what to say, other than I'm extremely moved by your post and I lust you man When I woke up this morning to the sound of more fucking rain, I wanted to just pull the sheets over my head and go back to sleep. But of course work made me get outta bed and instead of showering I did a quick blog/im check. When I read yours and everyone's comments on my post, tears came to my eyes. Now reading this, I'm feeling weepy all over again. Thank you PB, for caring, for being such a sweetheart and for making me FEEL. I'm taking everyone's advice, making some changes in blog and in perspective and sticking around. Thanks for making me see the light, I'd be much worse off if I didn't have you all to interact with. Hugs, NSA

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