One day  

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7/21/2006 5:50 am

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One day

This was inspired, if you can even call it that, early this morning as I was driving to go work out. I don't know why the words "one day" popped into my head or what made me think about some of the ideas. Sometimes it just works that way. Maybe one day I will understand why things happen the way they do.

One day....

...I will go to the airport with only a tooth brush select a flight to somewhere...anywhere

...I will understand what she means.

...I won't have my giant to follow.

...He will make me realize I did everything correctly.

...I will walk in the sunshine and not be afraid to be exposed.

...I won't follow my lust.

...I will close the doors and walk away satisfied.

...I will burn the hovel and walk into the setting sun.

...I will look upon all their faces.

...I will truly hear the music for what it is.

...She will not have to ask me if I do.

...I will close my eyes and be no more.

...I will not have to repeat myself a million times.

...They will understand that I was right all along.

...My destination will present itself.

...Exile will no longer be welcome.

...You will understand me better.

...You might get a glimpse into my reality.

...You will see more than I show you.

...You will laugh at what I was.

...You will attempt to remake me.

...I will say goodbye to the precipice.

...I won't hide anymore.

...I won't dislike me.

...I will be satisfied with the work in progress.

...I will have more to say.

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